Civil Society

Civil Society

Guyana Legal Aid Clinic

Guyana Legal Aid Clinic is an NGO provided by the Government of Guyana and supported primarily by USAID and located in Georgetown, the Essequibo Coast, and West Coast Berbice. The Guyana Legal Aid Clinic provides legal aid to individuals who cannot afford to employ the services of a member of the private bar. Since its existence it has assisted over ten thousand people (majority of them women) in vindicating and protecting their rights under the Guyana justice system.

For more information please visit the Guyana Legal Aid Clinic website at

St Francis Community Developers

St Francis Community Developers initially established as areligious youth group, and then developing a library service for young people within the community, has expanded over the years  and provide a range of support services to other community organisations. This group was recently identified and documented as a best practice in the Region by the Commonwealth Youth Program(CYP). St Francis Community Developers also provides voluntary counselling and testing and a range of support services for orphans and vulnerable children. In addition to donor support, this group receives financial support from civil society and is currently working to seek sponsorship from a wider cross section of civil society groups to support children remaining  in families despite their level of poverty.

Linden Care Foundation

Linden Care Foundation  (LFC) located in Region 10 is funded by several international organisations to work with PLWA and OVC. The services provided by this NGO include low cost medicare for PLWA, nutritional support for OVC and child friendly spaces through the medium of technology. The services provided by LCF meet the daily needs of more than 100 children in the Linden community.

Linden Legal Aid Centre

Linden Legal Aid Centre this non-profit organisation in Region 10 (Linden and surrounding communities) was established to provide equal access to the Justice system for the poor, low income, and vulnerable who would otherwise be unable to afford an attorney.

For more information please visit the Linden Legal Aid Centre website at

Youth Media Guyana

Youth Media Guyana (YMG) is a youth led organisation based in Region 4 with a focus on empowering young people and children to express themselves via web, print and audio-visual initiatives and programmes geared to help them advocate for their rights. YMG was also created to provide a platform for youth expression through the formation of a National Youth Media Network where children from across the country will be exposed to media training. The main objective is to use multi-media and ICT as a source of information to create awareness at all levels of society and to build the capacity of young people so they can positively participate in the decision making processes which have bearing on their own development.

YMG YouTube channel can be viewed at



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