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Adolescent Health and HIV/AIDS

The Adolescent Health and HIV/AIDS  project contributes to the implementation of the National Adolescent Development Policy and the National Strategic Plan on HIV/AIDS, with a special focus on health and prevention of transmission of HIV/AIDS.

UNICEF has been given the lead role in developing the National Strategic Plan on Adolescent Health which has been completed and agreed to by the National Steering Committee. Since the beginning of 2006, an additional 11 Youth Friendly Health Centers/Spaces (YFHC) have been established in 3 regions of the country benefiting over 650 adolescents. Over 100 adolescents have participated in workshops so far(5) aimed at developing advocacy strategies for Adolescents.

Twenty eight Youth Health Clubs have been established with teachers and students trained on HIV/AIDS prevention under the Ministry/UNICEF partnership. The Global Campaign on HIV/AIDS and Children was launched in 2006 with over 500 children from all 10 regions of the country participating, utilizing sports as a healthy life style choice for children and youths.  National Cricket Coaches from the Guyana Cricket Board have also been trained on HIV/AIDS prevention and this is being incorporated in all programs implemented by the cricket board.




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