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Adolescent Development and Participation


Adolescent Development and Participation

Adolescents in Guyana face a wide range of challenges such as unemployment, violence and lack of opportunities. The spread of HIV/AIDS is increasingly affecting youths, especially young girls. Adolescents are more and more victims of violent criminal behaviour and they have limited opportunities for participation in civil society and decision making concerning their own development. Because of poverty and migration the traditional family and community structures are weakened.  Service providers and carers have little understanding of the problems affecting adolescents and often do not encourage their active participation and empowerment.

The Adolescent Development and Participation program focuses on the 12 to 18 age group  and contributes to the UNDAF outcome 1 on increasing access to quality services in education, health, water and sanitation as well as UNDAF outcome 2 on empowering individuals and groups and strengthening institutions. It comprises two projects: Adolescent Health and HIV/AIDS and Adolescent Development and Empowerment, which directly relate to UNICEF MTSP Focus Area on HIV/AIDS and Children.




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