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Child Survival and Development

Unfavorable trends in infant and under -5 mortality rates, chronic malnutrition,  inadequate quality antenatal care;  inadequate and poor quality early childhood facilities and services compounded by limited effective parenting strategies have given credence to the inclusion of the  Child Survival and Development Programme (CSDP).

Multi-disciplinary and inter-sectoral in nature, the CSDP highlights the right of all children to have the best start in life and to reach their full potential.   The programme gives focus to safe motherhood practices including PMTCT; effective water and environmental sanitation strategies, good nutrition; effective delivery of child health care and stimulation services; effective parenting skills and strategies for the implementation of child friendly learning methodologies in gender sensitive, inclusive schools. The programme therefore contributes to improved access to quality health and education services for all children in Guyana.  

This wide range of issues is catered to in two projects:  Early Childhood Development and Quality Basic Education and Gender Equality.

The Early Childhood Development project gives support to development of policy  and strategic plans for safe motherhood, early childhood development and programming capacity building of care givers including parents, ECD practitioners, health workers and community IMCI activities,  PMTCT activities and ensuring that children who test positive for HIV and need treatment receive adequate care and support. 

With UNICEF recognized as the catalyst in Child Friendly Schools and Escuela Nueva  initiatives, Quality Basic Education and Gender Equality gives technical and financial support to the Ministry of Education’s reform process centered around the National Strategic Plan as well as the goals of the Education for All (EFA), the MDGs and the UNDAF.

The project aims to have 80% of girls and boys in Guyana complete quality education in gender sensitive and child friendly environments and addresses regional and gender disparities in learning achievements and drop out rates. Other highlights in this project include strengthening the capacity of parent-teachers associations (PTAs), communities and education professionals to develop emergency preparedness and response plans. Training for parents, and teachers in detection of children with special needs including developmental lags, is also a priority.




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