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Quality Basic Education and Gender Equality

The activities of the Quality Basic Education and Gender Equality Project set out to facilitate supportive and child friendly, gender sensitive environments so that children can complete basic education of good quality. Primary among these activities are the development of an instrument for evaluating child friendly schools and strategies for developing and sustaining same;  training for multi-grade methodologies  especially targeted to the indigenous, riverain and other rural communities; the participation of parents children and teachers as equal partners in the learning and general school activities; the sensitization of parents and teachers in child rights issues; water and environmental sanitation, peace education and early detection of children  with special needs. 

 In addition to regular reporting, field visits, check lists and various charts , tracer studies and human interest stories are now firmly placed as integral aspects of monitoring and for documenting impact. Trace studies utilize quantitative and qualitative research techniques to track the progress of children, teachers and their parents in upgraded classrooms and school environments benefiting from enhancement of teaching/learning activities and parent-teacher-child participation strategies.

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