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Joint UNDP and UNICEF Support to Parliament

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The power to legislate and to change the laws of a land is the most precious responsibility that a democratic legislature enjoys. While scrutiny and debate are important, there are other places and institutions where Government policy can be crawled over. But the power to legislate is what makes a Parliament different from any other institution.

Since 2000, the Parliament of Guyana has impressively increased in its capacity to conduct its constitutional functions – by passing quality legislation, improved its oversight of the executive branch of Government in the delivery of services and; implementation of laws and the representation of citizens. To augment these gains, several needs were identified, including, the provision of procedural training for staff through attachments with other Parliaments, upgrading of the Registry to keep procedural precedents and other statistics concerning the work of the Assembly, updating the Assembly website with copies of all Assembly documents, more computer workstations and access to the internet, and recording and amplification equipment. The need for the Parliament Office to develop a Strategic Plan for the future was also identified as an essential need to ensure the development of the Office.

This joint programme is significant to enable the National Assembly to meet its identified needs and to effectively and efficiently fulfill its core functions (law making, oversight and representation).

Consequently, this project intends to build on the progress already made by achieving the following:

  1. Parliamentary committees are capable of scrutinizing draft laws, overseeing the implementation of laws and policies by the Government and reflect the interests of all citizens in their work.
  2. Parliament functions at an optimal level, including through ICT infrastructure, other equipment and improved procedures, to ensure MPs and staff have the tools they require to function effectively.
  3. Enhance the capacity of Parliament to establish a long-term plan for its capacity development.



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