Water, sanitation and hyigene

Water, Sanitation and Hygiene


Water, Sanitation and Hygiene

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The current coverage is probably very similar to that reported in the 2002 census: 75% for water and 47% for sanitation, because it only covers the 2002-2006 natural population growth.

National sanitation coverage in 2002 was 45%; urban coverage was 76.72% and rural coverage was 16.81%.

The main national challenges in water and sanitation are to revise the water and sanitation sector by creating a governing body to develop national policies and guidelines and an implementing agency to channel resources for the water and sanitation sector and develop sound national strategies for access to water and sanitation.

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UNICEF and its partners will focus their efforts over the next four years (2010-2014) to ensure that boys and girls have access to safe water, sanitation and acquire good hygiene habits by concentrating on the 130 municipalities that show the lowest social indicators and have a large percentage of poor and rural indigenous population.





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