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Primary School Years

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The follow-up report on Education for All in the world highlights the considerable progress Guatemala has made in achieving universal primary education. Most progress has been made at the primary level, where the net enrollment rate reached 95.5%. However, the report notes that much needs to be done to overcome exclusion and provide ample educational opportunities for all.

The Open Schools program was successfully launched in 2008 to create alternative educational and recreational opportunities for children, adolescents and young people in marginal areas of the capital and a large number of departments. This successful program offers recreation, sports, art, English language and computer classes for children and adolescents in the neighborhood or community during the weekend. Thus the school becomes a place that provides various alternatives for the appropriate use of leisure time. The open school is a meeting point, a place for learning, socialization, creative expression and enjoyment for children and adolescents in areas considered at high social risk with high rates of violence.

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The free school program that promotes the inclusion of all children into education at all levels was launched in 2009.

Great efforts have been made in developing intercultural bilingual education (IBE) educational models, and many of them have proved successful on a project scale. The main challenge has been incorporating these advances in education at the national scale and using State resources. This is the direction taken by the main efforts made by UNICEF cooperation with the Maya program.





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