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UNICEF works with and for children and adolescents, to enforce all their rights, everywhere and always, giving special attention to the most vulnerable and excluded.

To carry out this work UNICEF cooperates with a wide range of partners and allies, including the government, the UN system, donors and international cooperation, civil society partners, various religious groups, the media, private businesses and the communities themselves.

More specifically, in Guatemala UNICEF aims to help gradually reduce disparities and inequalities, giving special attention to indigenous girls, boys and adolescents.

UNICEF bases its cooperation on four priority areas: the new Sustainable Development Goals (2016-2030); UNICEF's 2014-2017 Strategic Plan; the guidelines set out in the K'atun 2032 National Development Plan; and the 2015-2019 United Nations Development Assistance Framework (UNDAF).

In line with these areas and the status of children and adolescents in the country, UNICEF Guatemala has defined four priority areas for its work during the period 2015-2019:

Social inclusion, which seeks to ensure equal opportunities for girls, boys and adolescents to develop their full potential.

Protection of children and adolescents to strengthen the national system for the protection of children against violence, abuse, exploitation and neglect.

Education for Life, aimed at promoting quality preschool, primary and secondary education for all girls, boys and adolescents.

A good start in life, which seeks to help reduce chronic malnutrition to ensure improved physical and mental development of girls and boys.



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