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“Broken Dreams – Central American children’s dangerous journey to the United States”.




More than 650 thousand children affected after the eruption of Guatemala’s Fuego volcano. UNICEF urgently appeals to donors to save lives and meet the basic needs of the most vulnerable children.    

The dangerous journey of Central American children.



Every month, thousands of Central American children take the risk of being kidnapped, raped, murdered or being victims of trafficking, while trying to reach the United States to seek refuge from gangs and crippling poverty. Nothing indicates that this trend will decrease, said UNICEF.




VozApp is an early warning application developed by UNICEF and Safe Cities in support of the Ministry and Education of Guatemala to prevent violence against children in the school and community environment. Look, listen and report.

Join U-Report. Your opinion matters


U-Report is a free tool aimed at teenagers and young people, designed to create a space for questions and answers. This platform allows users to answer questions about important issues that the population is concerned about. The results are seen on the website anonymously, transparent and immediately.

Human trafficking for sexual exploitation purposes in Guatemala




In Guatemala there are an estimated 48,500 direct victims of human trafficking for sexual exploitation and the illicit profits from this crime reach Q12,300 millions, which is equivalent to 2.7% of the gross domestic product (GDP), more than the total budget of education for children and adolescents, 1.44% of the GDP for 2014.


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