Women in STEM

On the occasion of the International Day for Women and Girls in Science, four women from the field of science and technology speak to us about their own career path and the challenges they may have faced along the way due to their gender.

09 March 2022

This year's International Day of Women and Girls in Science is a great opportunity to reflect on how to bridge the gender gap in this particular field.

Did you know that only 30% of researchers worldwide are women, while there are fields such as computer science, science and mathematics where the percentage of women does not exceed 5%.

On the occasion of this Day, Christina, Ioanna, Alexandra and Panagiota talk to us about their own career path in the field of science and technology, and they also give their own message to the girls who want to work in the STEM area.

Because, as they highlight.. gender does not matter.

What matters is not to put it down. Have passion, dedication, courage and be bold enough… even if you fail!

Watch the video above!