What is the Global Movement for Children?

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The Special Session on Children

Rallying Call for the Global Movement for Children

Say Yes for Children


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Changing the World with Children
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Global Movement for Children

“I’m very worried about my friends.”
“Then I decided to change all that.”
“Adults really need to listen to young people.”
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“We complete what the government cannot.”
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“We can’t leave these children with nothing.”

What is the Global Movement for Children?

The Global Movement for Children is a force for change involving each and every one of us. Every citizen of every nation. Every public and private entity. Every national leader. Every child and every adolescent.

The changes needed throughout the world to protect the rights and secure the lasting betterment of children’s lives begin with actions taken by you, the mothers and fathers. You, the teachers and students. You, the professionals in every field. You, the children and young people who hold the future in your hands. By each one of us.

The call of the Global Movement

It will not be enough, however, to change the world for children. The call of the Global Movement is to change the world with children. We must listen carefully to what young people have to say and give them every opportunity to speak. We must reach out to them and enable them to participate in the decision-making processes that affect their lives.

The Movement is already under way: Nelson Mandela and Graça Machel, two international champions of human rights, are reaching out to leaders from all sectors of society by heading the Leadership Initiative, looking to the ‘movers and shakers’ in the countries, cities and communities of the world to jump-start the Global Movement.

Say Yes for Children

Through the international campaign, ‘Say Yes for Children’, slated to begin in April 2001, adults and children around the world will speak out on 10 imperative actions necessary for improving the lives of children. The results of this campaign will be presented at the Special Session on Children, held by the United Nations General Assembly in New York 8-10 May 2002).

The Global Movement seeks to influence the commitments made by world leaders at this meeting and hold them accountable for the agreements they will reach.

The Global Movement for Children will continue to be a driving force for child rights long after the Special Session as it calls on everyone, everywhere, to do as much as possible, in their own time and their own way, for children. Join the Movement and make a difference.