What is the Global Movement for Children?

How do you become part of the Global Movement?

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Global Movement for Children

How do you become part of the Global Movement?

The Global Movement is about encouraging and inspiring every individual and every organization to invest in children by doing all they can for and with them.

Be aware
Know and understand that every single child has inalienable rights. Populations and nations will only thrive and develop when these rights are realized.

Learn more
Find out how the children in your country are being affected by poverty, ignorance, discrimination, labour and exploitation, life-threatening diseases, environmental factors and other challenges hindering their development. You will be outraged — share your reaction with others.

Take responsibility
Realize that children are the responsibility not only of the parents and caretakers who raise them, or of the professionals who work with them, or of the governments under whose rule they live. The well-being of children is everyone’s responsibility.

Be heard
Pay more attention to what your government leaders promise to do for children. Let them know you care about what they do or don’t do for children. Use every avenue to hold them accountable for their actions or inaction.

Take action
Look and listen for opportunities to support projects and activities of the Global Movement partners. Each individual makes a difference. Take the initiative.

Sign up with an international children’s rights campaign. Form a local action group. Work with children and families in your neighbourhood.

Copyright © UNICEF/HQ00-0590/Jose Hernandez-ClaireThe more specific goals and objectives for making a meaningful difference in children’s lives are as varied as the people and groups who will make up the Global Movement. Among them:

Heads of State and Government — Implement the Convention on the Rights of the Child and use the law to protect the best interests of children. Use the national budget to ensure children access to basic social services.

NGOs — Become a partner in the Global Movement. Give the public every possible opportunity to become involved in child-focused campaigns and initiatives.

Corporate sector — Consider the impact your business decisions will have on children. Extend your services to help children whenever possible. Protect the children of your employees.

Media — Act as a responsible watchdog on all public commitments made to children. Make protection of children a priority. Give children a voice in the media.

Individuals — Examine the way you think about and treat children. Become active, personal ambassadors for children. Work to change the world with children and adolescents.

For more details about how you can join the Global Movement for Children, log on to http://www.gmfc.org