Government services and children: pathways to digital transformation

Rapid analysis | Drivers and challenges of building public, child-sensitive digital services

A woman uses her mobile phone while her son watches


An increasing number of e-government services are available to children and families around the world, not least essential digital education, health and social services during the global COVID-19 pandemic. Digital services have a recognised potential to improve service relevance and accessibility for children. However, there is little systematic understanding of what types of services are available or the enabling factors that provide effective child rights support. This report answers the following questions:

  1. What is the landscape of digital government services for children?
  2. What drives the digital transformation of public services relevant to children and families?
  3. What facilitates child-sensitive digital services?
  4. What challenges do governments face to ensure child-sensitive digital services?
Zoƫ Pelter and Jasmina Byrne, UNICEF; Morten Meyerhoff Nielsen and Mercy E. Makpor, UNU-EGOV
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