A training manual for the Social Welfare Workforce in Ghana

Child Protection in Ghana

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The Office of the Head of Local Government Service, in line with the current legal framework and procedures, has revised its in-service training manual for Social Welfare and Community Development Staff who are mandated to provide services related to child protection, and family welfare issues at the district level. The revised training manual aims at equipping the frontline staff with the knowledge, right skills, attitudes and competencies needed for the delivery of quality preventive and responsive services for better quality child protection and family welfare outcomes.

This training manual is divided into two parts;

  • Facilitators’ Training Manual
  • Participants’ Training Manual

Each is divided further into three sections. Each section of the manual contains a facilitator and a participant’s manual. 

  • Part 1 is related to the cross-cutting issues and presents the legal framework, the Child and Family Welfare Policy, and Justice for Children Policy and other policy framework related to the protection of children. It includes different competencies like advocacy, resource mobilization, policy analysis, etc.
  • Part 2 focuses on the role of social welfare and refers to the social work component of the decentralized workforce. Its primary focus is on case management for child protection and sexual gender-based violence, including online child sexual exploitation and abuse. There are also modules on Administration of juvenile justice, social protection and community care. 
  • Part 3  focuses on the role of Community Development staff and presents the strategies, processes, methodology and organization of community development programmes at the district level.

The manual was developed with technical support from UNICEF Ghana with financial support from USAID’s Displaced Children and Orphans Fund and the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office.


Training manual for the Social Welfare Workforce
Office of Head of Local Government Service
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