Significant Change Stories on Child Protection in Ghana

A collection of stories from Regions, Municipalities, Metropolitans, Districts and communities in Ghana



Ghana: Most Significant Change Stories on Child Protection in Ghana

UNICEF in collaboration with its partners, both governmental and non-governmental, and employed the Most Significant Change (MSC) as a complementary participatory, monitoring and evaluation techniques to assess the impacts on child protection interventions in Ghana. The MSC techniques allowed UNICEF to dive deep into qualitative stories to assess the impacts the interventions are making in the life’s of children in Ghana. The overarching objective of the MSC Assessment was to contribute to strength monitoring and measure results, including evidence-generation and demonstrating social behavioural change at national and sub-national levels. Sexual and reproductive health rights was ranked highest based on the selected MSC stories collected. This was followed by Child labour and Right to Education respectively.  

The findings also demonstrated that Social and cultural change that reflected cessation of harmful cultural practices at the family, community and leadership levels significantly influenced that child protection positively. Poverty was identified as a major force in making children vulnerable to harmful circumstances such as labour, early marriage and dropping out of school. The MSC stories also indicated that programme interventions that support livelihood skills and access to loans created a conducive environment for greater care for children. The analysis of the MSC across both phases thus phase I &2 revealed strong and verifiable results emanating from sustained community sensitization programmes.

The MSC team therefore recommends that there should be continuous community sensitization programmes on child protection issues to prevent apathy in the communities; more consultative forums are needed particularly led by traditional leaders and assembly men/women to better raise the consciousness of community members on the need to protect their children and the best ways to do it. Read the reports of the phases 1&2 and the combined for more details on the impacts findings. 


A collection of stories on Child Protection



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