Rapid Assessment - Child Protection in Ghana

Related attitudes, beliefs and practices

Monica Asaana with her son, Foster Asaana in the Upper East Region of Ghana on 28 May 2015.


In 2017 the Research and Development Division of the Ghana Health Service conducted a Rapid Assessmentof beliefs, attitudes towards violence against children to inform the implementation of a behavior and social drive project aimed at improving child protection activities in all the ten (10) regions of Ghana. The study was commissioned by the Child Protection Section of UNICEF Ghana. Survey was conducted in all ten regions in Ghana. Data was collected using a cluster survey methodology. The EPI “30 x 7” cluster sampling method was adapted for use in this study. A household survey using a structured interview questionnaire for adults aged 18-65 (women and men) and children aged 14-17 (girls and boys). Two separate data collection tools were designed to elicit responses from the sampled respondents. In all, two thousand, one hundred (2100) individuals were interviewed consisting of 1200 adults and 900 children.

Rapid Assessment - Child Protection in Ghana
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