Budget Brief

Water, Sanitation and Hygiene

Marijanata Abdul-Rahhman (16) washes her hands at a tippy tap at Guo District Assembly Primary School in the Upper West region of Ghana.


The overarching goal in the WASH sector is to ensure universal access to safe drinking water and sanitation, supported by good hygiene practices. This goal derives from the National Water Policy (2007), the Environmental Sanitation Policy (revised 2010), the Water Sector Strategic Development Plan 2012-2025 (WSSDP) and the National Environmental Sanitation Strategy and Action Plan 2010 (NESSAP), which set the overall strategic direction for the sector and many of its targets. These national strategies align with the SDGs’ targeted outcomes, and with the challenging government target of achieving nationwide open defecation free (ODF) status by 2030. While the Government appears to be committed to WASH, this is not reflected in adequate budget allocations, as evidenced by significant funding gaps and the fact that investment is largely donor-driven.

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