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Launch of the 2015 Ghana District League Table

Accra, Ghana 27 November, 2015 - In collaboration with the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development, UNICEF Ghana and the Ghana Center for Democratic Development (CCD-Ghana) launched Ghana’s second District League Table, on Wednesday, 25th November 2015.
Introduced in 2014, the District League Table is a social accountability tool that ranks Ghana’s 216 Districts by their level of development and service delivery. Based on consultations with the Ministries and Agencies concerned, the District League Table uses indicators from 6 key sectors - health, education, sanitation, water, governance and security - to compile a single score for each District. All the 216 Districts are then ranked from the District in 1st place down to that in 216th place. With this ranking, it is possible to track which Districts are doing well in Ghana and can be learnt from, and which are struggling and need greater support.
In the 2015 District League Table, a new District has reached the top spot, that of Tema Metropolitan Assembly in the Greater Accra Region, with a score of 77. Tema managed to climb up from 20th place in 2014 by improving its score and overtaking several other Districts. At the bottom of the District League Table this year is Gomoa West in the Central Region in 216th place with a score of just 37. Sarah Hague, UNICEF’s Chief of Policy said “This year, the 2015 District League Table can intensify the scrutiny of Ghana’s development, highlighting inequity across Districts. It could also be used to better allocate resources so that individual Districts that rank low can be better supported.”
The District League Table aims to improve transparency and accountability in national development by making District levels of wellbeing public. With the District League Table, improvements in service delivery across the country citizens can be tracked thus enabling citizens and decision and policy-makers know where improvements are being made, and where targeted support is needed.
The District League Table is released annually, and we hope that this year’s results will generate even more debate than the 2014 report. 


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