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What you can do for children in Ghana


What you can do for children in Ghana

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You too can become an advocate for children in your community.

Each one of us can become an advocate for children in Ghana. Protecting and supporting children starts in our homes and our communities. We all have a role in creating a safe, loving and protective home for children. And we all play a part in creating a safe community for children. Homes and communities which are hygienic, healthy, which support learning and which are free from abuse and exploitation – these are the places where children survive and thrive.

We encourage everybody to play their part – teachers, nurses, social workers, fathers, aunties, religious leaders, chiefs. Together, we can all build a future for children.

How to get involved

• Find other people who are working with children– form a network so that you can have a bigger voice.

• Find NGOs that care about children and work with them.

• Inform yourself about issues affecting children and use what you learn to raise awareness and encourage others to take action.

• Talk to local government authorities about establishing children’s councils, or other ways for young people to make their views known in the community.

• Organize a group of student volunteers who will support children who have been bullied, or who are struggling at school.



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