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UNICEF Ghana works at multiple angles, advocating at the highest levels of policy making and on the ground. Pictured: Staff member Gabriel Adu-Wusu
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UNICEF Ghana staff member Gabriel Adu-Wusu is one of our team who work at multiple levels from policy development to on-ground interventions.

UNICEF has been working in Ghana since 1982. Our hands-on experience in communities across the country, as well as in other countries around the world, provides us with the expertise to be able to work alongside Ghana’s government, its civil society and its women and children to protect and promote the rights of the country’s poorest citizens.

As Ghana’s progress has gathered pace, our work has evolved, undergoing a shift away from direct service delivery, where the government now fills that role, towards technical assistance, capacity-building, and analysis.

Working from all angles

One of UNICEF’s key strengths is that it works from multiple angles, advocating at the highest levels of policy making within government while also working on the ground to demonstrate the impact of interventions that can be scaled-up.

Creating a positive life cycle

Our programs are based around the ‘life cycle approach’, which focuses on the points in a child’s life where the potential for change and impact are the greatest. UNICEF Ghana’s goal is to create a positive cycle through which the next generation of children can break free of poverty and participate fully in the Ghana’s growing economy.



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