Study on Quality of Early Childhood Education and Care




This condensed report is based on data derived from the Study on Quality of Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) in Georgia.The study was jointly implemented by UNICEF Georgia and the National Assessment and Examination Centre (NAEC) under the leadership of an international consultant. The European Quality Framework (EQF1) for Early Childhood Education and Care was used to analyse the quality of public ECEC services in Georgia using five dimensions: Accessibility, Workforce, Curriculum, Moni- toring, and Governance. Additionally, new national ECEC standards (National Early and Preschool Education Standards, and Professional Standards for Caregiver-Pedagogues) were also used in the study to reveal main challenges on the way to their implementa- tion.The methodology utilised included policy-level analysis of the ECEC field (review of national standards, interviews with policy-makers and focus groups with key stakehold- ers), a quantitative survey of all municipalities (64), and 22 focus groups in diverse geo- graphical areas (a total of 124 participants including preschool managers, caregivers, special educators, psychologists, methodologists, parents, and teacher trainers).

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