Georgia Welfare Monitoring Survey, Second Stage, 2011

The Well-being of Children and their Families in Georgia

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UNICEF Georgia


This report focuses on a number of dimensions of well-being and welfare of the population of Georgia. Based on the national 2011 Welfare Monitoring Survey, it examines the prevalence and distribution of consumption poverty, material deprivation,
subjective poverty, social exclusion and lack of utilities in the years following the global economic crisis. It makes particular reference to the role of social transfers and the well-being of children. The results should help to inform policy makers and practitioners to develop appropriate and adequate responses to deal with problems of poverty and deprivation.

The report was prepared by the Department of Social Policy & Social Work at the University of York in partnership with the UNICEF Georgia country office. The main author was Dr. Meg Huby with Professor Jonathan Bradshaw. Tinatin Baum, Anastasia
Mshvidobadze, Aaron Greenberg and Roeland Monasch from UNICEF contributed to the report. Survey design, sampling, fieldwork, verification and weighting of the data were conducted by the Institute of Social Studies and Analysis, Tbilisi. USAID provided financial assistance to the report.

UNICEF Georgia
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