Data Collection for early learning and child protection in Georgia

Preschool Census


In line with the grant agreement between UNICEF and Geostat which was concluded on 4 December 2012, Geostat carried out a project entitled ‘Data Collection for Early Learning and Child Protectionin Georgia’ during the period 4 December 2012 to 7 June 2013.

The following project activities were accomplished by Geostat:
• The list of early learning indicators was determined and a pilot questionnaire was designed.
• A pilot survey was carried out.
• A final questionnaire with relevant instructions was prepared.
• The list of public preschool institutions was updated.
• Survey field work was conducted, with subsequent data entry and data processing, database cleaning and analysis.
• The final analytical report was prepared.

The fieldwork covered 1,259 public preschool institutions (kindergartens) in Georgia. The number of kindergartens across regions is set out in the table below.



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