Building inclusive, equitable and quality preschool and general education systems for children in Georgia

4-year-old Adem lives in the village of Kvatia, Khulo Municipality, and attends the kindergarten of this village.  Kvatia Kindergarten is a successful example of inclusive preschool education - the municipality and kindergarten staff strongly supported Adem to enable him to attend the kindergarten and get maximum involvement in kindergarten activities.


The three-year programme, “Building Inclusive, Equitable and Quality Preschool and General Education Systems for Children in Georgia,” implemented by UNICEF in partnership with the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia, the Norwegian Government Agency for Special Needs Education (Statped) and funded by the Government of Norway, has contributed to strengthening the quality and inclusiveness of the national education system in Georgia.

The programme has supported children with special educational needs and disabilities, as well as teachers, professionals and parents, in creating an inclusive and equitable environment in preschool and general education institutions throughout Georgia.

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