In Search of Opportunities

Voices of children on the move in West and Central Africa

A girl looks into the open,while holding onto a tree branch


Each year, an estimated 12 million people cross borders in West and Central Africa. In fact, the vast majority of those people are not trying to get to Europe. More than 75 per cent of them move within sub Saharan Africa, going from one country to another, either for economic opportunities or fleeing from conflict.

This report aims to paint a more balanced picture of migration in West and Central Africa. By bringing out the voices of the children whose lives are shaped by migration, the report seeks to better understand the motivations for their movement, the methods they use and the challenges they face along the way. Ultimately, it asks the question: what can be done to provide children with care and protection before, during and after their move?

Cover image of the report showing a child walking across the desert
UNICEF Regional Office for West and Central Africa
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