The Gambia National Study on Out-Of-School Children 2017

Understanding and addressing the barriers to equitable access to quality education for every child

Little girl with sticker on her face carrying a plate on her head
UNICEF Gambia/Pirozzi


This study was initiated by UNICEF Gambia under the Out of School Children Initiative (OOSCI) launched in 2010 by the United Nations. The major objective of this study was to find out the number of OOSC and to find out who they are, why they are out of school and what measures should be taken to bring them into the school system. Many countries in the different continents have conducted similar studies, and the findings are extremely useful for planning the future strategies. The study has followed the UNICEF and UNESCO Institute of Statistical Studies (UISS) conceptual and methodological framework of five dimensions of exclusion.

Cover design of the report on out-of-school children in The Gambia
Ministry of Basic and Secondary Education, UNICEF THE Gambia
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