Real lives

Real lives


Child protection

Experience is the best teacher: abandoning FGMC and child marriage
“My daughter will not go through the same experiences I did,” said 26 years old Halimatou Baldeh. "She will never be circumcised and I want her to be at least 30 years old before she gets married!”

Breaking the cycle – ending child marriage
Less than a year ago, 19 year-old Marie Jawo from Fatoto village, was like many other adolescents in her community – she was attracted to the glamour of marriage, and especially to young men who have be

Changing social norms – fighting FGMC
“The girl was young, not yet 10 years-old. She was circumcised/cut during her rite of passage, because it was part of her tradition. But, she bled steadily for almost 3 days despite the regular interventions of the circumciser to stop the bleeding.

“She could’ve been alive today” – A mother’s regret
Weeping quietly, 37 year-old Matou Jawara watched with profound helplessness as her daughter’s condition deteriorated further, while wishing fervently that she had not asked the village circumciser (the initiator) to cut her Khaddy - even though it was wh

Nyanya died: A repercussion of early marriage
“I want to tell you the story of a girl I knew many years ago,” began 48 year-old Fatoumatta Danso in a quiet, nostalgic voice.

Double trouble: Malnutrition and FGM/C
As a mother of 4 living in the village of Kolley Kunda, in the remotest region of The Gambia, the Upper River Region, 40-year-old Wopa Jawo supports her family on microfinance activities and horticulture.

Breaking the calabash: Abandoning FGM/C and other HTPs
On the bright January morning in 2011, in the Fula village of Sare Alpha in The Gambia’s remotest and most impoverish region, the Upper River Region (URR), 30-year-old Demmu Baldeh could hardly sit still from excitement.

Harmful traditional practices: A thing of the past
It was an extraordinary day in Basse, in the Upper River Region where the joint Government of the Gambia-Tostan-UNICEF Community Empowerment Programme (CEP) is being implemented.



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