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Real lives



Improving child health through deworming and vitamin A supplementation
Twenty year-old Sarjo Touray, watched in horror and disbelief as her 3 year-old daughter, Yassin Drammeh, threw up a 3-inch worm less than 24 hours after ingesting mebendazole tablet for intestinal deworming.

Nutrition education is the key to ending malnutrition
Thirty-four year-old Binta Jallow, mother to seven months-old twin girls, Ruggi and Mamakawly, agonized over the poor health of her daughters. Neither of the babies was eating properly and both were losing a lot of weight.

Good Nutrition Prevents Child Morbidity and Mortality
Sumaila Baldeh’s fever was getting worse and he was crying consistently. His 30-year old mother, Maimuna Baldeh, had tried on several occasions to feed him spoonfuls of locally made herbal concoction, hoping that it would make him feel better. Often, the

Breast milk is best
Exclusive breastfeeding provides ideal nutrition for infants and contributes to their healthy growth and development.

Nutrition support saves girl’s life
One-year old Oumou Jawo had been suffering from diarrhoea and occasional vomiting since she was 3-months old but her mother, 25-year old Mariama Baldeh, had never been too worried because the infant would always recover after a day or two.

Bringing hope to children, fighting malnutrition
Mariama Jallow watched helplessly as her weak, 4-month-old daughter, Mariatou, throw up the freshly prepared mashed potatoes a few seconds after swallowing it.

Supporting high impact campaigns for vitamin A supplementation
As Matu Jawara approached the communal tap around the bend from her house, she noticed the long queue of women and girls waiting their turn to draw clean, safe water for their day to day domestic use.

2011 crop failure contributes to malnutrition in children
The village of Bakadaji, in The Gambia’s impoverish Upper River Region, like many other villages, suffers greatly from the effects of the erratic rains in 2011.



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