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I Want to Go to School

Tape number: 389

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Type of production: Short Documentary

Subject: Adolescent Development & Participation, Education, Gender Concerns

Audience: Youth ages 13-18, General audience

Production year: 2002

Duration: 25 mintutes

Language versions: English, International

Countries: Bangladesh, Mali, Uganda

Producer: Danmarks Radio, UNICEF

Rights: TV broadcast Non-broadcast/educational 


A portrait of three girls – Akhi, Aisata, and Akisa – from different countries and cultures and their struggle to obtain an education.

Nine year old Ahki in Dhaka, Bangladesh is lucky. She goes to school. Her bigger sister, Akhi at 12 years, did so as well until a year ago when their father fell ill. Akhi had to drop out of school to earn 50 cents a day to help the family in getting enough food.

Fifteen years old Aisata from Mali in West Africa has always dreamed of going to school. Her parents would not let her go. They think that girls should work at home, get a good husband and have children.

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