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Bully Dance (La Danse des Brutes)

Tape number: 371

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Type of production: Animation, Educational/Classroom Resource

Subject: Child Protection

Audience: Children ages 7-12, Youth ages 13-18, General Audience

Production year: 2000

Duration: 12 minutes

Language versions: International (no language)

Countries: N/A

Producer: National Film Board of Canada /UNICEF

Non-broadcast/educational. For TV Broadcast Rights, please contact National Film Board of Canada Tel: 514-283-9439, Fax: 514-496-1895

Summary: This short non-verbal film focuses on identifying bullying behaviour and strategies for targeted victims. Even though the film consists of simple line drawing cartoons, the messages these cartoons attempt to send to the audience are so vivid that anybody can follow the plot The style of the cartoon is very abstract and visually interesting, and the soundtrack is catchy and rhythmic. The film is designed to stimulate discussion in classroom situations.

Price: $200 Beta, $100 VHS

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