State of the World’s Vaccines and Immunization


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Duration: 37'03"

Keywords: Immunization, vaccines, disease, measles, polio, AIDS, rotavirus

Main shooting locations: Laos, Afghanistan, Central African Republic, Ghana, South Africa, Mali, Mozambique, Cambodia

Main sequences: 

Reaching the unreached: transporting vaccines to hard-to-access regions:
Afghanistan - measles campaign
Laos – remote border country
Central African Republic – pygmy tribes
Ghana - Volta Lake

Vaccine Research and Development:
South Africa - trial underway for vaccine against major killer – rotavirus,
plus interviews at Centers for Disease Control, Atlanta
Developing AIDS vaccines - interview with Doctor Seth Berkley,
International AIDS Vaccine Initiative
GlaxoSmithKline, major vaccine supplier - interview with executive,
plus footage of vaccine development.

Introducing New Vaccines in the Developing World:
Mali – new Uniject vaccine device used for tetanus
Ghana – new “Five-in-One” vaccine introduced
Mozambique – new “Four-in-One”vaccine introduced
Cambodia – new “Four-in-One” vaccine introduced


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