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ICDB Compilation 2005

Tape number: 5362

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Type of production: Public Service Announcements, Short features, Animation

Subject: Adolescent Development & Participation, Education, Gender Concerns

Audience: General Audience

Production year: 2005

Duration: 1 hour 28 minutes 43 seconds

Language versions: English,

Countries: Nigeria, Nepal, Zambia, Kenya, Gloabal

Producer: Jeannette Gonzalez



David Beckham “Sport” PSA:  30 seconds of fast-paced, musically-driven images of children.  The PSA makes the case that every child should have the right to play and sport can create a better world for every child. 

David Beckham “Generic” PSA: the 30-seconds PSA conveys UNICEF’s key principles that every child should have the right to health, education, equality and protection.

Go Girls:  Three inspirational 90-second shorts featuring the lives and aspirations of girls from Nigeria, Nepal and Zambia who are breaking the mould by pursuing an education and participating in sports.

Giving Kids a Sporting Chance:  Caroline describes how proud she is to play football for the Mathare Youth Sport Association in Kenya, and speaks about her community development work and peer counseling. Running time: 12 minutes.
If the World Were a Village: Based on the book of the same name, the refreshing animated film, contributed by 9 Story Entertainment Inc. for 2005 ICDB, appeals to viewers of all ages. Knowing who our neighbors are, where they live and how they live will help us live in peace.  Running time: 23:55.

Price: $200 Beta, $100 VHS

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