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Tape number: 405

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Type of production: Short Documentary

Subject: Adolescent Development & Participation, Education, Gender Concerns

Audience: Youth ages 13-18, General audience

Production year: 2003

Duration: 25 minutes

Language versions: English, International

Countries: Uganda and Nepal

Producer: Danmarks Radio, UNICEF

Rights: TV broadcast Non-broadcast/educational 


A portrait of the lives of Saul, Eunice and Chakkali, three HIV-positive young people in Uganda and Nepal who are coping with their condition and helping others in very distinct ways.

“We say things straight” - In Uganda the increase in HIV cases has - to a certain degree - been beaten via open, direct contacts to young target groups addressing the causes of HIV infection. The “Straight Talk” project and the “Young Talk” project, are the best examples of the way young people reach young people in villages and at schools.

In the village of Birepakha in southern Nepal on its border with India there are many HIV cases – One of them is 16 years old Chakkali.  She was forced into marriage at 11 – abducted to Bombay – and returned to her village four years later with HIV.  Chakkali is now a peer educator who visits villages every day to talk to young people about the dangers of HIV.

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