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Portraits de l’UNICEF

Nana Mouskouri - Activités : faits marquants

2011 • décembre • Nana Mouskouri rencontre des mères et leurs nouveau-nés and their newborns à la maternité de l'Hôpital St. Pantelimon en Roumanie au cours d'une visite destinée à promouvoir l'importance de l'allaitement. (Actualité)

2010 • March • In Hamburg, Germany, Nana Mouskouri participated in the christening of the MSC Magnifica, a new cruise ship under the partnership between MSC Cruises and the Swiss Committee for UNICEF.  In her speech, Ms. Mouskouri highlighted the importance of the ‘Get on Board for Children’ partnership which aims at combating poverty and supporting education programmes to benefit children and adolescents in Brazil.

2009 • October •  In Geneva, Nana Mouskouri recorded a PSA for the 20th Anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child.  (CRC)

2008 • May • In Romania, Ms. Mouskouri attended a UNICEF fundraising event that aired on Romanian National Television and raised €250,000 for the development of ‘baby-friendly’ hospitals in the country.  

2006 • October • In Canada, Ms. Mouskouri was the keynote speaker at Chefs for UNICEF Fundraising Gala in Calgary, organized by UNICEF Canada.

2005 • October • In South Korea, Ms. Mouskouri visited UNICEF-supported projects and raised funds for UNICEF at her concerts there.

2004 • August •  In Athens, Greece, Ms. Mouskouri officially opened a youth camp where young people participated in workshops organized by the Athens Olympic Organizing Committee and UNICEF. 

2003 • March-April • In Russia, Ms. Mouskouri visited UNICEF-supported projects. In St. Petersburg, she visited a shelter for girls from age 14 to 18 in difficult circumstances.  In Moscow, she went to a community-based rehabilitation/safe space for children.  In Bulgaria, she toured a UNICEF-supported child centre and met senior government officials.

1999 • July • In Geneva, Ms. Mouskouri gave a concert performance at the High-Level Meeting of the UN Economic and Social Council to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child. 

1999 • May •  In Guatemala, Ms. Mouskouri visited schools and health centres, presented the Annual Communications Award to local journalists in recognition of their coverage of child-related issues. She also performed in a concert to benefit education projects.

1999 • April • In Kenya, Ms. Mouskouri gave a concert as part of a gala that raised more than US$300,000. 

1998 • July • In Kenya, Ms. Mouskouri met with government officials to advocate for child rights and for the passing of a children’s bill. She also visited Nairobi’s Children’s Home and a centre for children affected by HIV/AIDS. In Nyanza Province, she visited a health centre and a residential care facility for children in need of special protection; she also attended a market place puppet theatre presentation of AIDS prevention education messages. 

1998 • May • In Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ms. Mouskouri visited a school which was built with funds she helped raise.

Portrait de Nana Mouskouri

Image de l'UNICEF
Nana Mouskouri s'entretient avec une fillette devant l'école maternelle Kamdira-Kochieng. Kenya, 1998.