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UN and UNICEF urge all countries to adopt measures protecting children

Benin: Safe havens protect children from abuse and exploitation

Haiti: Child-friendly space helps protect young survivors of earthquake

Rwanda: Towards a better future for girls and women

Senegal: Changing the world, one village at a time

Trinidad and Tobago: 'International Inspiration' programme guides young leaders

Senegal: UNICEF Executive Director cites the urgency of education for all

Uzbekistan: Protecting children as polio outbreak nears

Senegal: UNICEF Executive Director speaks out on girls' education and empowerment

Haiti: In the face of grief, education brings hope

Swaziland: Free primary school becomes a reality

Chad: Scaling up therapeutic feeding as nutrition crisis deepens

Central African Republic: Education for nomadic families

Haiti: Social mobilizers spread the word about vaccines

Japan: Anthony Lake cites 'moral imperative' of achieving development goals

Guinea: Mia Farrow highlights plight of vulnerable children

China: Acclaimed international film star Maggie Cheung appointed UNICEF Ambassador

Somali: After alarming rise, UNICEF calls for release of child soldiers

UNICEF 'Mother-Baby Pack' helps prevent mother-to-child transmission of HIV

Iraq: National immunization campaign reaches low-coverage areas

Sri Lanka: Education revitalizes displaced communities

UNICEF Executive Director Anthony Lake brings a wealth of experience to his new role

United States: Nicholas Kristof tackles gender inequity

Rwanda: Empowering youth to prevent HIV

Zambia: Youth delegates at climate conference take lessons home to their communities

Liberia: Partners work to eradicate polio and measles

Haiti: Young survivors discuss their lives in the camps

Tanzania: Zanzibar leads the charge against malaria

Nigeria: Text messages bolster world’s largest distribution of mosquito nets

United States: At UNICEF panel, indigenous young people speak up for their rights

United States: International seminar puts girls' rights in the spotlight as key to development

China: Survivors recount earthquake's toll on schools in Qinghai Province

Mozambique: Malaria prevention and treatment save children's lives

India: UNICEF-EC programme gives a second chance to a would-be child bride

Afghanistan: Justice for girls and support for those who defy social norms

Benin: It takes a community to educate a girl or a boy

Roll Back Malaria partnership launches Africa Update at UNICEF House event

China: Earthquake relief efforts continue despite altitude, cold and other obstacles

Nigeria: Millions of children immunized in a renewed effort to eradicate polio

Guinea: Acrobatics help to keep children off the streets

Webby Awards: UNICEF named an Official Honouree

China: UNICEF stands ready to help, if needed, following Qinghai earthquake

Benin: Engaging communities to prevent malnutrition

Philippines: Mobile theatres helps children recover from tropical storm’s effects

Madagascar: Rebuilding lives after Tropical Storm Hubert

Haiti: Creating a Haiti fit for children, three months after the earthquake

Afghanistan: Promoting girls' empowerment through sport

Senegal: Promoting dialogue amongst young people in Senegal and beyond

Viet Nam: UNICEF supporter Patricia Lanza sponsors new day-care centre

Youth voices resound on the airwaves in Nigeria and Malaysia

UNICEF distributes early childhood development kits in Jacmel, Haiti

A nationwide call to return to school brings hope to children in Haiti

Argentina: Thousands take part in ‘Race for Education’

Uzbekistan: Child-friendly schools making inroads

India: Female mountaineer inspires Indian children to greater heights at 'Radio Meena' event

Côte d'Ivoire: Improving chances for malnourished children

Planned 'Call to Action for WASH in Schools' aims to promote water, sanitation and hygiene education

'A Haiti Fit for Children' : UNICEF and NGO partners make plans to build back better

Field Diary: Camp's children excited about going back to school in Haiti

Haiti: Rescued by a neighbour, a young Haitian earthquake survivor dreams of normalcy

Haiti: After the earthquake, protecting Haitian women and girls from violence

Guinea: Immunization drive aims to stop polio, once thought eradicated

Cameroon: Simple techniques help ensure safe water for families

Chad: Severe food shortages lead to rising malnutrition in children

Haiti: Former US President Bill Clinton praises crisis response by UN and UNICEF

UNICEF partner ‘Heal Africa’ treats survivors of sexual violence in eastern DR Congo

Namibia: UNICEF encourages cricket for boys and girls

Global event brings the urgent need for safe water into focus

UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador for Japan reflects on her work and travels on behalf of UNICEF

Guinea: UNICEF supports Guinea’s health authorities in their fight against child malnutrition

Madagascar: Tropical storm Hubert leaves dozens dead and thousands affected

Senegal: Joint Global Polio Eradication Initiative aims to eliminate polio

'Beyond School Books' #23: Technology helping schoolchildren in disaster areas

Lesotho: New campaign to help prevent mother-to-child transmission of HIV

Emergency assistance reaching thousands after landslides in Uganda

Haiti: Field Diary: Tent schools provide a refuge for quake-affected Haitian children

Côte d'Ivoire: Reducing gender-based violence against girls and women in Côte d'Ivoire

Haiti: Field Diary - A family reunited after the earthquake

Chile: Amidst aftershocks, an appeal for aid to children

‘Beyond School Books’ – Podcast #22: Learning to be leaders in Uganda

Republic of Congo: UNICEF helping to keep displaced children in school

Haiti: Children central to recovery and development

Haiti: After disaster, celebrating women’s rights

Chad: UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Mia Farrow highlights polio vaccination campaign

USA: International Women's Day podcast discussion focuses on girl's education

Broadcasters prepare for the International Children's Day of Broadcasting

Uganda: Landslide leaves 77 dead and hundreds missing

USA: UNICEF event focuses on involving boys and men in the promotion of gender equality

Mozambique: Vulnerable children benefit from child-friendly schools in Mozambique

Viet Nam: CRC in Viet Nam 20 years on: Children better off but new challenges emerging

Chile: UNICEF and partners stand ready to help after massive earthquake strikes Chile

USA: Event in New York addresses persistent and growing gender inequalities

Haiti: Protecting HIV-positive mothers and children after the quake

Lao PDR: Helping children overcome language barriers at schools

Haiti: A long term commitment to children

France: Workshops seek solutions to protect children

Yemen: Volunteers bring hygiene awareness to displaced communities

Bangladesh: Providing safe water for families

Haiti: Help for those outside Port-au-Prince

Haiti: Young people help improve sanitation

Haiti: A father's account of the earthquake and its aftermath

Pakistan: Helping homeless children get off the streets

Haiti: ‘Baby tents’ offer mothers a safe place to breastfeed

Dominican Republic: Field Diary from a children’s hospital ward

Nepal: Last group of Maoist child soldiers discharged in Nepal

Yemen: Displaced by conflict, students crowd a village school

Haiti: School for all is the goal

Haiti: Child protection in the earthquake zone

Dominican Republic: UNICEF and partners protect unaccompanied Haitian children

Haiti: One month on

Chad: ‘Red Hand Day’ spotlights children caught in conflict

China: Goodwill Ambassador Leon Lai raises rural youth awareness

DevInfo human development database

Haiti: Promoting infant and young child nutrition in post-quake

Somalia: Health campaign reaches children amidst fighting

Haiti: Aid for the most vulnerable children

Moldova: Youth Media Centre provides training and confidence

Haiti: Supplies for every child

Haiti: Evolving child health needs

Mali: Mobile cinema changes attitudes in Mali

Dominican Republic: Haitian-American doctor treats survivors

UNICEF Humanitarian Action Report emphasizes power of partnerships

Immunization in Haiti

Haiti: Radio provides a vital link to earthquake survivors

Haiti: Keeping the children’s emergency in the public eye

Afghanistan: Literacy centres empower women and girls

Haiti: A UNICEF photographer bears witness to the children's emergency

A day in the life of UNICEF staff on the ground in Haiti

Lao PDR: UNICEF supports ‘Schools of Quality’ programme

Haiti: Helping orphaned and separated children find their families

Haiti: UNICEF overcomes logistical challenges to help hundreds of thousands

Haiti: UNICEF staffer reflects on the children’s emergency

Haiti: UNICEF and partners provide safe water for children and families

Haiti: Young filmmaker recounts earthquake and documents aftermath

Haiti: UNICEF and Haitian volunteers working together to protect children at risk

Haiti: Crisis response continues, with an eye on challenges that pre-date the quake

India: Defying the pressure to marry young

Haiti: Crisis response aims to overcome challenges that pre-date the earthquake

Haiti: Young, injured Haitian quake survivors cross Dominican border for treatment

Tanzania: Goodwill Ambassador Angelique Kidjo visits child mothers

The stars come out for Haiti relief

Haiti: Sebastien’s story: A young Haitian earthquake survivor speaks

Haiti: Delivering supplies and protecting children in the Haiti earthquake zone

Haiti: Field Diary: Supplies and protection for unaccompanied children

Haiti: Donors worldwide support Haiti relief efforts of UNICEF and partners

Haiti: UNICEF steps up supply effort to protect child health in quake zone

Haiti: Aid appeal launched to overcome massive challenges in quake zone

UN Secretary-General visits Haiti as emergency supply efforts continue

Haiti: Angélique Kidjo appeals for earthquake relief donations

Haiti: Aid begins to arrive in Haiti for earthquake survivors in dire need

Somalia: Essential education and health supplies reach Somali children

Haiti: Supplies on the way to survivors of the earthquake

Haiti: UNICEF gears up relief efforts for earthquake-stricken Haiti

Liberia: Liberian youths report on injustices of education system

Examples of 'positive deviance' in habits leading to malnutrition in West Bengal

Nepal: First group of Maoist child soldiers begin process to rejoin civilian life

Angola: Protecting children during the Africa Cup of Nations

Massive bed net distribution in DR Congo

Rwanda: Childs rights advocates help young people stay in school

Senegal: Saving underweight babies with human contact

Tanzania: Young Journalists workshop helps children raise awareness on HIV stigma in Zanzibar

Malawi: Rapid short message service speeds health data collection and feedback

Uganda: A second chance for children living on the streets

Niger: Giving young women the skills to earn a safer living

Philippines: UNICEF distributes school supplies to typhoon-affected children

Benin: Angélique Kidjo visits programmes for vulnerable children

Eritrea: Community-led sanitation brings great promise

Central African Republic: Providing education to conflict-affected children in the most remote regions

Afghanistan: UNICEF-supported drop in centres relieve life of poverty for Afghan children

Maldives: New homes for a tsunami-affected community

Expanding child protection services for orphans and vulnerable children after the tsunami

Phillippines: Living in the shadow of danger

Five years after tsunami, Myanmar battles repeat disasters

Child-friendly schools benefiting students in the Maldives

Expanded services helps victims of abuse and neglect find healing in tsunami-affected Thailand

Sanitation in homes and schools upgraded in tsunami-affected Sri Lanka

Health, education and sanitation improve post-tsunami

‘Build back better’ has made concrete improvements for children five years after the tsunami

Liberia: Largest immunization campaign ever targets Yellow Fever

Creating a ‘sanitation revolution’ in South Africa

Tanzania: UNICEF Tanzania reducing inefficiencies to better serve children

Afghanistan: First country worldwide to use bivalent oral polio vaccine

Morocco: ‘Child-Friendly Cities’ initiative launched

Colombia: Education in emergencies programmes provide a lifeline to children

Lao PDR: Tetanus vaccination campaign reaches remote areas

Executive Director Ann M. Veneman addresses Copenhagen panel

El Salvador: Floods test resilience of families and effectiveness of humanitarian aid

Liberia: UNICEF Radio Digital Diaries - Motorbikes in Monrovia

Burundi: Round two of polio immunization campaign

Uganda: Mobile classrooms give pastoral children new hope

Mali: Hygiene education for a remote village

Mauritania: Religious leader champions children’s rights

Denmark: Youth Day events energize debate at UN Climate Change Conference

‘Beyond School Books’ – a podcast series on education in emergencies: Podcast #20: Protecting Rights through Child-Friendly Schools

European Commission, European Union and UNICEF reaffirming Afghan child rights

UNICEF programme expanded to fight widespread undernutrition in Somalia

Mali: Celebrating Global Handwashing Day with live performances and hygiene

Mali: Executive Director focuses on undernutrition and impact of climate

Yemen: Displaced Yemeni children face nutrition, health and education challenges

Denmark: At Copenhagen conference, using music to combat climate change

Copenhagen Children’s Climate Forum declares: the time to fight climate change is now

Convention on the Rights of the Child’s 20th anniversary is commemorated with events around the world

United States and Organization of the Islamic Conference join forces against polio

‘Beyond School Books’ Podcast #19: A child's right to choose education

Empowering Climate Ambassadors at the Children's Climate Forum as agents of change

UNICEF and the Embassy of Denmark launch refurbished water plant in drought affected central Syria

Madagascar: Psychosocial support helps children heal from the effects of conflict

Liberia enshrines the Convention on the Rights of the Child in military code

Cameroon: Income generation grant gives mother living with HIV a new lease on life

Children’s Climate Forum opens in Denmark

Children and AIDS: Innovations in HIV treatment, prevention and care

Launch of 'Children and AIDS: Fourth Stocktaking Report'

Philipines: Schools adapt and continue despite post-typhoon flooding

Digital Diarist Lydia, 18, discusses the challenges of education in Liberia

Child Development Centre in Tbilisi, Georgia aims to ensure every child’s right to health care

‘The Rights of Children’ photography book marks 20 years of child rights

UNICEF and partners commemorate 20 years of Convention on the Rights of the Child

At launch of flagship report, Lucy Liu and Ann M. Veneman celebrate achievements for children

Lesotho: Cash-grants pilot programme aims to ensure vulnerable children’s rights

Cameroon: Mothers’ campaign promotes girls’ right to schooling in northern Cameroon

Community volunteers fight undernutrition in northern Cameroon

'Tracking Progress': UNICEF report calls for urgent international action on nutrition

ICDB Awards 2009 honour excellence in children’s broadcasting

Niger: UNICEF and local partners fight child trafficking and exploitation

UNICEF Goodwill Ambassadors featured in video spots for child rights

Tanzania: Country passes landmark Law of the Child

Zimbabwe: Children’s parliament speaks out on rights issues

China: UNICEF and Xinhua News Agency join forces to promote children’s rights

USA: Focus on children’s rights: UNICEF launches photo exhibit and film festival

‘I have the right’: UNICEF Russia launches child rights campaign

Vaccination campaign aimed at tsumani-affected children

UNICEF and WHO release comprehensive plan on pneumonia prevention


Namibia: Birth registration effort aims to protect child rights

Malaysia: A ‘big sister’ helps students cope with bullying

UNICEF in Space: Astronaut and UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Frank de Winne talks to school children

Nancy Ajram as UNICEF Regional Ambassador for the Middle East and North Africa

State of the World’s Vaccines: Childhood immunization at record high

Somalia: Funding shortfalls may threaten critical humanitarian assistance

CAR: Deputy Executive Director Hilde Johnson warns of triple threat to child survival

Goodwill Ambassadors Mia Farrow and Mahmoud Kabil visit Occupied Palestinian Territories

Philippines: Restoring normalcy for children in aftermath of tropical storm Ondoy

Two women receive ‘Golden Poo’ Award for outstanding work as hygiene champions

Kenya: Food and nutrition insecurity deepens in the Horn of Africa as heavy rains are predicted

Ethiopia: UNICEF bolsters cross-border political support for African children in crisis

Cameroon: Promoting handwashing in schools to prevent disease

UNICEF/WHO joint report on preventing and treating the second leading killer of children

Mozambique: ‘MICS’ statistics show 15 per cent drop in deaths of children under five

Samoa: Tsunami-affected children head back to school

Global Handwashing Day 2009: Spread the word, not the germs

Indonesia: UNICEF delivers life-saving hygiene kits in West Sumatra earthquake zone

UNICEF Executive Director visits flood-stricken Philippines

Education provides a way out for indigenous children in DR Congo

Cameroon: Training teachers on HIV education in primary schools

Asia-Pacific region: Triple punch tests disaster preparedness

Paris Commitments on protecting child soldiers gain support among UN Member States

Philippines: More than 1 million people affected by flooding

Angélique Kidjo launches new campaign with Pampers to help eliminate tetanus

Yemen: Humanitarian access still limited by conflict

H.M. Queen Rania of Jordan joins UNICEF in congratulating young women of Harlem

Young people appeal to world leaders at UN Summit on Climate Change

USA: UNICEF Ambassador Lucy Liu raises awareness of child trafficking

UNICEF Executive Board concludes second session of 2009

Afghanistan: Eradicating polio in Afghanistan takes persuasion, participation and peace

Cameroon: Mia Farrow highlights child malnutrition

Schools for Africa partners sign new agreement for better education

Zimbabwe: UNICEF and partners launch massive effort to reinvigorate schools

Liberia: Liberia’s first post-war generation starts primary school

Worldwide deaths of children under five decline, continuing positive trend

Yemen: Children need urgent assistance as conflict intensifies

Argentina: New teaching strategy helps young students excel

India: Teaching mothers healthy habits

Bangladesh: UNICEF supports swimming instruction to prevent child deaths

Somalia: Second round of Child Health Days aims to boost child survival

DR Congo: UNICEF Executive Director hears stories of hope in eastern DR Congo

DR Congo: Children and families face multiple crises

Yemen: Displaced families in Yemen need access to humanitarian aid

Syria: UNICEF 'training of trainers' workshops help young Palestinians make a difference

Somalia: UN report finds crisis in Somalia at its worst in two decades

Jamaica: Teen editorial from Jamaica: ‘Children have rights, too. Protect them!’

Kyrgyzstan: A Kyrgyz local hero fights to protect the rights of street children in Bishkek

Viet Nam: Children raise their voices for action on climate change

United Kingdom: Bringing children’s rights to life in schools

Stockholm: World Water Week convenes

Brazil: Launch of ‘Platform of Urban Centres’ initiative

Sudan: Tereza’s story: I want to be a pilot

Yemen: Essential supplies being delivered to conflict-affected families

Republic of Korea: Children ‘Unite for Climate Change’ in Daejeon

China: Summer Camp nurtures dreams for children affected by HIV/AIDS

Georgia: Child-friendly spaces help conflict-affected children play and learn

Niger: Empowering women to improve child survival

Rwanda: UNICEF seeks justice for imprisoned young people

Somalia: UNICEF nutrition intervention disrupted by looting

Angola: The Project to Support Primary Education launches in Angola

Pakistan: Rebuilding lives of families conflict-affected in Swat

UNICEF mourns the loss of Eunice Kennedy Shriver

Pernille Ironside’s firsthand account of the mission to reclaim Sudan's lost child soldiers

Goodwill Ambassador Manu Ginóbili promotes education for indigenous children

Pakistan: Support for children left behind in conflict-affected areas

Argentina: NBA star and UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Manu Ginóbili promotes education for indigenous children

Fiji: Country becomes first nation to have all public hospitals declared baby-friendly

Central African Republic: UNICEF partner helps indigenous people learn their rights

Dorothy’s story: Youth journalist reports on preventing skin diseases in Southern Sudan

Nigeria: Executive Director visits northern Nigeria and announces $1.85 million to address malnutrition

Sudan: Peter’s story: Youth journalist reports on food insecurity

Nigeria: Breastfeeding key to child survival, says UNICEF Executive Director

Bangladesh: Surveying the needs of children and women in Bangladesh through ‘MICS’

Georgia: Rebuilt water and sanitation systems help heal scars of conflict

Breastfeeding a crucial priority for child survival in emergencies

Breaking the barrier of exclusion

Angola: Children to benefit from joint programme for safe water

Tajikistan: Global economic downturn worsens already harsh conditions for rural Tajiks

Madagascar: Failure of seasonal rains leads to hardship and malnutrition

Nepal: Training local journalists to cover women’s and children’s issues

Sudan: Alfred’s story: Youth journalist reports on early marriage

Viet Nam: In remote areas, UNICEF supports teaching children about rights

Togo: Amivi’s story: Preventing mother-to-child transmission of HIV

Argentina: New approach to newborn child survival puts family needs front and centre

Sierra Leone: UNICEF Regional Director in Sierra Leone: ‘You will build a new country’

Afghanistan: Japanese Government partners with UNICEF for ‘Thousand Classroom Project’

Pakistan: Children from conflict hit areas in Pakistan urgently need life-saving health services

Southern Sudan: Youth journalist reports on the problem of school fees

Music video by The Killers raises awareness about trafficking and sexual exploitation

Italy: ‘Junior 8’ youth delegates present views to G8 world leaders

Tanzania: Goodwill Ambassador Danny Glover visits HIV/AIDS programmes

Somalia: Aid reaches some displaced families as fighting continues in Mogadishu

Tanzania: Goodwill Ambassador Danny Glover visits HIV/AIDS programmes

Italy: Young people open Junior 8 Summit in Rome

Cameroon: Influx of refugees creates silent emergency

Nigeria: UNICEF and partners bring hope to children accused of ‘witchcraft’

Syria: UNICEF Executive Director concludes successful Syria visit

UNICEF contest invites youth videos on children’s rights; deadline 1 AugustChad

Benin: Workshop tackles challenges of school fee elimination Chad

Kosovo: Ethnic minority communities struggle to break a cycle of poverty

Chad: Awareness campaign aims to reduce danger from unexploded ordnance in eastern Chad

Italy: Youth leaders gear up for Junior 8 Summit, to parallel upcoming G8 meeting

Sierra Leone: Mother and Child Health Week aims to improve child survival

Somali: Life-saving nutrition interventions for children

Somalia: Occupation of UNICEF base hinders vital interventions

Mauritania: Immunization campaign works to eliminate maternal and neonatal tetanus

Guinea: Motorcycle ambulances helping to save lives

Chad: Ensuring a right to special protection for vulnerable child refugees

Georgia: Educating children about unexploded ordnance

Côte d'Ivoire: Tetanus vaccination campaign aims for eradication

Burundi: Grand Duchess Maria Teresa of Luxembourg visits

Syrian Arab Republic: Supporting better education for children

South Africa: AIDS activist Thembi Ngubane dies

Democratic Republic of the Congo: Pounding rock and crushing potential

Nepal: On World Day against Child Labour, one Nepali girl's story of a fresh start

Spain: FC Barcelona exhibit highlights work with UNICEF

Executive Board closes Annual Session, mourning the loss of a colleague

Executive Board explores strategic framework for partnerships and collaborative work

UNICEF Pakistan Chief of Education Perseveranda So killed in Peshawar bombing

In memoriam: Perseveranda So, 1956-2009

Occupied Palestinian Territory: Coming to terms with grief in Nablus: ‘Fatima helped me’

Burkina Faso: Retraining helps children secure safer future outside of the mines

USA: Executive Board annual session discusses UNICEF's work in the face of a global financial crisis

Niger: Teaming up to fight polio with Niger and Nigeria's synchronized immunization

Haiti: UNICEF and ECHO prepare for a new storm season

Pakistan: Bringing stability to the lives of displaced children

Chad: UNICEF providing vital aid to CAR refugees in southern Chad

Zimbabwe: Cholera cases in Zimbabwe near 100,000 as 'Twin Disaster' continues

Rwanda: Rebuilding stronger schools for earthquake survivors

Côte d'Ivoire: Improving access to birth registration for children

Pakistan: Reaching conflict-affected orphans in Swat Valley

USA: Montblanc pledges 1.5 million dollars for education programmes

In India’s Bihar State, economic crisis hits the poorest of the poor

Guinea-Bissau: The return of Mamadou, a rescued victim of child trafficking

Ethiopia: Ready-to-use therapeutic food helps save children’s lives in southern Ethiopia

Afghanistan: UNICEF Regional Director assesses situation on the ground

Pakistan: UNICEF Regional Director meets children and families displaced by conflict

Mozambique: Child Health Week reaches 3 million with life-saving interventions

Pakistan: Ongoing conflict triggers massive displacement of families

Sri Lanka: Facing a critical moment


China: Child-friendly spaces after the earthquake

Displaced families face humanitarian crisis in north-western Pakistan camps

Burundi’s last child soldiers homeward bound toward a new life

Burkina Faso: National campaign accelerates birth registration

Sri Lanka: A catastrophe for Sri Lanka’s children trapped in northern conflict zone


Niger: Support and treatment for mothers living with HIV

China: One year after China earthquake, schools bring hope and opportunity


Helping mothers improve their children’s chances of growing up free of HIV

Chad: A shot to live: Meningitis immunization

Indonesia: UNICEF Indonesia supports influenza pandemic preparedness

Indonesia: UNICEF Indonesia supports influenza pandemic preparedness

Mauritania: Religious leaders call for ending corporal punishment

Health workers aim to vaccinate 30 million in the Americas

China: Safe spaces help children deal with aftermath of 2008 earthquake



UN Security Council addresses latest report on children in armed conflict

Chad: Despite challenges, UNICEF continues to lobby for the release of child soldiers

UN partners prepare for potential swine flu pandemic

Occupied Palestinian Territory: UNICEF and ECHO help children cope

Nigeria: Partnering to roll back malaria in Nigeria's Bauchi State

United States: World Malaria Day celebrates progress made towards wiping out the disease

Sri Lanka: Crisis for children - Over 100,000 flee fighting, thousands more trapped

Gaza: UNICEF and ECHO support counselling to help children face the future

Armenia: Child-friendly schools project scales up

Kenya: UNICEF and ECHO combat effects of drought

Viet Nam: UNICEF and IKEA support schooling for ethnic minority children in Viet Nam

USA: Window closing on chance to push polio 'The Final Inch' towards eradication

Niger: Ten villages unite to say ‘no’ to female genital mutilation/cutting

DR Congo: Up to 250,000 flee attacks by Rwandan rebel group

Kyrgyzstan: Country enacts law on flour fortification to fight ‘hidden hunger’


Turkey: Universities set standard by championing child rights in new syllabus


Bangladesh: 'A silent emergency' as Bangladesh's poor suffer from economic downturn

Democratic Republic of the Congo: UNICEF Chief of HIV and AIDS sees treatment and prevention in DR Congo

Angola: Partnering to bolster education and help vulnerable children

Economic crisis: The impact on Indonesian children

Chad: Protecting children from unexploded mines

Madagascar: Reinforcing child protection measures

Somali Child Health Days go nation-wide for the first time

Argentina: 'A minute for my rights' youth video project

Sierra Leone: UNICEF and GAVI provide polio immunization

Youth leaders in Soweto greet Queen Rania of Jordan

Central African Republic: Refugees participate in focus group discussions

Rwanda: Historic pneumococcal vaccine shipment arrives

Guinea: UNICEF working to teach HIV/AIDS prevention to young people

Ethiopia: 'Child-to-Child' programme blends learning with playtime in Ethiopia

USA: New music video illustrating tragedy of human trafficking will premiere at UN

Panama: Thousands of children receive life-changing shoes

Rwanda: Girls academic excellence awarded



United States: World Water Day and the need for global action on safe water and sanitation


Chad: Mother-to-child transmission of HIV persists

United Nations: UN debate on education in emergencies

Sri Lanka: Hundreds of children reported killed, more injured in recent violence

Thailand: The path to peace starts with children

Somalia: Ready-to-use food distribution campaign


Kenya: Executive Board delegation visits urban and rural projects in Kenya

Democratic Republic of the Congo: Rebel violence escalates in north-eastern DR Congo



Cholera outbreaks raise concern in nine Southern African countries

Togo: Vaccinators join regional campaign against polio

Eritrea: Women teachers celebrated as role models


Somalia: UNICEF Director of Emergency Programmes visits projects in Somalia

DR Congo: Deputy Executive Director calls for release of all child soldiers




Occupied Palestinian Territory: Campaign fights infectious diseases in the wake of Gaza's long crisis


India: UNICEF and IKEA join hands to set up an emergency call centre

Children trapped in Sri Lanka’s conflict

Zambia launches campaign to promote exclusive breastfeeding

Guatemala: Fighting chronic malnutrition among impoverished children

Regional Goodwill Ambassador Mahmoud Kabil lends support to hospital serving Gaza

UN Web4Dev conference wraps up with a roadmap for future collaboration

Rwanda: Empowering communities to protect and promote child rights

United States: 'The Final Inch': Oscar-nominated film looks at efforts to eradicate polio

Chad: UNICEF Chad aids families fleeing violence in the Central African Republic

Occupied Palestinian Territory: Goodwill Ambassador Mahmoud Kabil visits hospital


Democratic Republic of the Congo: US tour to raise awareness of V-Day/UNICEF campaign against rape in DR Congo

Russian Federation: Maria Guleghina - A voice for children

Syria: Child-friendly spaces for Iraqi refugee children

Guatemala: Preventing mother-to-child transmission of HIV

United States: Executive Board welcomes new President at opening of first 2009 session

Gaza: UN Special Representative visits youngest victims of conflict in Gaza and southern Israel

Lesotho: Insuring treatment for HIV

Eritrea: A second chance at education for children

Pakistan: Networks of care for mothers and children

Madagascar: Cyclone Fanele hits Madagascar and stalls existing reconstruction work

Back to school in Gaza

2009 Humanitarian Action Report focuses on conflict, climate and hunger

Mozambique: Innovative solutions to cope with food insecurity

2009 Humanitarian Action Report to be released tomorrow

South Africa: Migrants face humanitarian crisis on South Africa’s border with Zimbabwe


Cameroon: A social network for women living with HIV

Flagship report urges investment in a continuum of care for mothers and newborns

UNICEF launches flagship report on maternal and newborn health

Senegal: Community-based care helps reduce child deaths

Haiti: A lifeline for mothers in a Port-Au-Prince hospital

‘I wish the war would end’ – Gaza’s children pay psychological cost of conflict

Gaza: UNICEF delivers emergency supplies for children and families in Gaza

Statement By UNICEF Executive Director Ann M. Veneman regarding the humanitarian operation in Gaza

UNICEF mobilizes emergency supplies for children at risk in Gaza


Ghana: Digital Diary: Bernice reports on the benefits of giving bikes to schoolgirls

Palestinian families endure 11 days of conflict in Gaza

United Kingdom: Rescuing victims of child sex trafficking

Togo: UNICEF-supported centre helps rehabilitate child sex workers


Côte d’Ivoire: Fighting AIDS with both medical and social assistance

Nigeria: Young people lead the way for AIDS education

Lao PDR: Child Health Days guard children against polio



Lessons of the tsunami: Four years on, tremendous improvements can be seen

Zimbabwe: Nigel's Story: The tragedy of Zimbabwe's cholera outbreak

Columbia: Flooding in Colombia brings destruction and disease

Philippines: Youths drawn into online sexual exploitation

Iraq: Children make an ‘Appeal’ for their rights to government leaders

UN's Universal Declaration of Human Rights Turns 60

Viet Nam: Launch of the first World Report on Child Injury Prevention

South Africa: New PSA asks young people to demand that their leaders ratify Youth Charter

Afghanistan: A food crisis in the harshest of seasons

Viet Nam: ‘Child-Safe Home’ model helps reduce child drowning

Palestinian children exercise their right to play at the 2008 Global Peace Games

Zimbabwe: More than 500 cholera deaths after water and health sector collapse

Niger: UNICEF supporter Amy Robbins review progress for women and children

World AIDS Day 2008: FC Barcelona support for 'Children and AIDS'

World AIDS Day 2008: Children and AIDS: Third Stocktaking Report

Indonesia: HIV education in cities and villages

World Congress III opens in Rio de Janeiro

Kenya: Poverty drives girls into sex work

Brazil: World Congress III against the Sexual Exploitation of Children

Effects of war in focus on the Universal Day of the Child

UN launches largest-ever humanitarian appeal for 2009

UNICEF backs legislative reform to achieve human rights for children

Uganda: Country mounts a major fight against malaria in northern districts

DR Congo: A day on the ground in crisis-stricken North Kivu

Niger: Aichatou’s story: New skills protect a former street vendor from exploitation

Democratic Republic of the Congo: Children abducted by armed groups in eastern DR Congo

Afghanistan: UNICEF condemns attacks on schools

Liberia: Protecting girls and women from sexual violence in post-war country

ICDB annual award goes to Ghanaian and Chinese broadcasters

DR Congo: Aid flights arrive in, but insecurity persists

Guinea-Bissau: Children’s Parliament presents its ‘Manifesto’ to candidates

Yemen: Tens of thousands displaced by flooding after a rare tropical storm

Niger: Supporting maternal and newborn health

Madagascar: UNICEF and ECHO distribute health supplies to cyclone-affected families

Sierra Leone: Mothers join the campaign to scale up girls’ education

DR Congo: Aid for the displaced begins as humanitarian crisis deepens

Guinea: Guineans mobilize for water, sanitation, hygiene and handwashing

DR Congo: Aid on hold as fighting displaces thousands more families in North Kivu

Chad: Providing quality education for displaced children

Brazil: Her Majesty Queen Rania of Jordan visits a UNICEF-supported school project

Argentina: Queen Rania of Jordan promotes quality education

Malawi: Support for malnourished children begins at home

China: Lang Lang launches foundation to support children’s love of music

Democratic Republic of the Congo: Volunteer parents help fight HIV/AIDS

Help for disabled children affected by conflict in and around South Ossetia, Georgia

Togo: Providing free anti-malarial treatment to pregnant women

Kazakhstan: Agency leaders launch global study on health care inequities

Indonesia: Puppets and peers teach children the importance of handwashing

The Wiggles donate a song to UNICEF for first Global Handwashing Day

Dublin: AIDS conference sets strategies to help children affected by HIV

Kyrgyzstan: Children bear the brunt of earthquake

UNICEF, Pampers and Salma Hayek take aim at tetanus

Haiti: Flood-damaged schools struggle to reopen

Rwanda: UNICEF-supported schools win national award

Rwanda: First-ever Mother and Child Health Week

UN event features $4.5 billion pledge to support ‘Education for All’

Classrooms in Syria crowded with Iraqi children whose families have fled conflict

Tajikistan: A home for orphaned and vulnerable children

Haiti: Goodwill Ambassador Mia Farrow urges tsunami-like response to hurricane disaster

Afghanistan: Polio campaign launched on Peace Day

Burundi: Language a challenge for returning children

UNICEF Executive Board: Session opens with ambitious agenda

As child deaths continue to decline, UNICEF calls for increased efforts

In the wake of three other storms, Hurricane Ike devastates the Caribbean

Lebanon: Survey addresses gaps in children’s well-being

Laos: Helping flood-affected families with most urgent needs

Caucasus: UNICEF sets up centres for the displaced

Haiti: Storms batter the Caribbean, displacing thousands of children and their families

Sri Lanka: New water pipeline brings health and hope

Tanzania: Massive national campaign for accelerated child survival

Afghanistan: Actor Jude Law and director Jeremy Gilley to promote peace

Nepal: Responding to the needs of flood-affected villagers

Sudan: Emmanuel Jal brings a message of peace

Mozambique: ‘Model Mothers’ work to combat malnutrition

Georgia: Conflict leaves children displaced and vulnerable

Thousands displaced in Russia and Georgia

Myanmar: UNICEF continues relief efforts for cyclone victims

China: Summer camp begins for children affected by AIDS

Honduras: The power of football to improve young lives

XVII International AIDS Conference closes with a focus on children

China: UNICEF focuses on children affected by AIDS during the 2008 Olympic Games

Nigeria: Goodwill Ambassador Kanu Nwankwo promotes ‘Football for Hope’

Mexico: Executive Director Ann M. Veneman speaks on 'Keeping the Promise' at XVII International AIDS Conference

Ethiopia: Insecticide-treated bednets save lives

Togo: Breastfeeding and food insecurity

UNAIDS report: Progress being made in fighting HIV but huge challenges remain

Honduras: Young activist and editor inspires children living with HIV

World Breastfeeding Week: Educating Indonesian mothers and midwives

UNAIDS global report: Progress on prevention, but challenges remain

Madagascar: UNICEF Executive Director pays first visit to country to assess cyclone recovery

Occupied Palestinian Territory: Recreational outings relieve children's stress

Myanmar: Cyclone-affected children return to the classroom.

Gender equality: Women parliamentarians lead change in Africa

Japan: J8 Summit widens the horizons of young participants

New York: UNICEF joins call to end impunity for violators against children in armed conflict

Nigeria: Equal-access to sanitation for those living with disabilities

Cambodia: UNICEF-supported programme cares for children living with HIV

Rwanda: Child-friendly schools help young people rediscover childhood

Japan: J8 delegates’ action plan grabs the attention of G8 leaders

Ghana: UNICEF and the European Commission work together to eradicate Guinea worm

Jordan: Adolescent-friendly space empowers young Palestinian refugees

Afghanistan: Attacks on schools threatens development

Niger: A new chance for homeless youths and juvenile offenders

Malaysia: Reaching out to indigenous pre-schoolers in remote regions

Central African Republic: Mia Farrow sees children returning to schools

Democratic Republic of the Congo: 'Not by Bombs and Bullets' – overcoming the legacy of violence

Timor-Leste: Jackie Chan brings a message of peace and harmony to young people

Ethiopia: Deputy Executive Director calls for immediate action on malnutrition

China: Reconstructing lives after the earthquake

Djibouti: UNICEF-supported programmes help prevent mother-to-child HIV transmission

Mozambique: Support for households headed by children and the elderly

UNICEF begins rebuilding schools in cyclone-stricken Myanmar

India: Food crisis ravages poorest children

After the quake, safety and a sense of security for Sichuan schoolchildren

Ethiopia: Ongoing food crisis endangers children’s lives

Niger: Former practitioners turn against female genital mutilation

‘The State of Africa’s Children’ calls for united action to boost child survival

UNICEF readies for food crisis with unique basket of solutions for children at risk

Myanmar: Cyclone-affected children heading back to school

Central African Republic: Goodwill Ambassador Mia Farrow calls for more international support

Iraq: Violence damages schools and uproots lives

Myanmar: UNICEF and Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon welcome news of more international aid access

China: Helping quake-affected children cope with trauma

Myanmar: UNICEF protects cyclone-affected children against measles in Laputta Township

South Africa: UNICEF, Mandela Foundation and Hamburg Society consolidate ‘Schools for Africa’

China: Rescue efforts continue in Juyuan after devastating earthquake

China: Emergency supplies requested to aid in quake recovery

Rwanda: First Lady awards young women for their scholastic achievements

Myanmar: UNICEF focuses on restoring normalcy for young survivors of Cyclone Nargis

Myanmar: ‘Life and death’ after cyclone

USA: Conference focuses on sustainable sanitation

Uganda: Free antiretroviral treament saves lives

Burkina Faso: UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon visits school

Supplies, staff on their way to children in Myanmar’s stricken cyclone zone

Myanmar: UNICEF sends teams to assess immediate needs of Cyclone Nargis

Nepal: Help and support for families living with HIV

Mozambique: Community radio encourages girls’ education

Iran: Understanding Islam better to fight poverty

Niger: Child health strategy encourages use of bed nets

oPt: A break for West Bank children

EYE SEE III: Rwandan and Liberian youth take part in photography workshop

Zambia: A unique expedition fights malaria in six countries along the Zambezi River

Nations unite for World Malaria Day 2008

Iraq: Violence disrupts lives and education

Countdown to 2015: Parliamentarians urged to accelerate progress towards MDGs

Madagascar: Junior Goodwill Ambassador Name Six visits child-friendly spaces

UNICEF Executive Director Ann M. Veneman joins V-Day to focus on stopping rape in DR Congo

Countdown to 2015: Empowering Nepalese health workers to save the youngest lives

Russian Federation: Mrs. Ban Soon-taek visits inclusive school in Moscow

Japan: UNICEF highlights world's water needs at G8 Meeting

Gaza: Crushed childhoods, cruel choices

Rwanda: Mourning the genocide, 14 years on

Cambodia: Mother Support Group Network promotes exclusive breastfeeding

Burkina Faso: Kiemde’s story -- Combating HIV/AIDS through peer-to-peer education

Russia: A full-service ‘triangle of support’ helps families cope with HIV

Mozambique: Staying healthy with child-centred hygiene education

Afghanistan: Communities 'stand up to violence' as the new school year begins

Occupied Palestinian Territory: Counselling helps children cope with fears

David Beckham encourages children to get involved

World Water Day 2008: UNICEF promotes safe sanitation

Chad: Zoe’s Ark children reunited with their families

Mozambique: Small grant empowers adolescent girls

Madagascar: Building back after cyclone Ivan

Zambia: Mobile testing and treatment fight HIV/AIDS in Mpika District

Somalia: Temporary schools bring a sense of normalcy to children displaced by conflict

Guinea-Bissau: Improving girls' education

Kenya: Leaders agree, children hope for peace

Mozambique: Classroom drama and discussion teach young people about HIV

China: Youth Ambassadors raise HIV awareness, online and in the community

Commission on the status of women: Mobilizing resources for girls education

Albania: IKEA donation brings new books to schoolchildren with 'Albania Reads’

Madagascar: Another cyclone causes more devastation

Central African Republic: Centre helps children heal from abuse

Kenya: UNICEF tent schools provide sanctuary for Kenyan children displaced by violence

Equatorial Guinea: Peer educators counter HIV misconceptions

Somalia: UNICEF seeks emergency support for undernourished children

Sudan: Widespread damage after violence in West Darfur

Occupied Palestinian Territory: Students bear the brunt of shortages

Nigeria: A new strategy is improving primary health care in Garaku

Iraq: UNICEF appeals for $37 million to save vulnerable children

Peru: Quake-affected students back in school

Belize: Positive alternatives with ‘My Neighbours and Me’

Chad: UNICEF prepares to help tens of thousands of refugees

Liberia: Launch of State of the World’s Children 2008

Chad: Situation remains uncertain after widespread violence in N’Djamena.

Ghana: Youth reporters promote quality education

India: Documentary follows young activist to Mumbai

Kenya: Post-election violence increases

Lao PDR: Controlling a cholera outbreak

Central African Republic: Vaccination campaign aims to boost child survival

Afghanistan: 'On the road to change'

Kenya: Conflict keeps children out of school

Bangladesh: 'Para Centres' educate rural youths on hygiene

Sierra Leone: Goodwill Ambassador David Beckham visits child survival programmes

SOWC 08: UNICEF flagship report says community health programmes are key to reducing child mortality

UNICEF and Confederation of African Football unite to promote quality education for all

Kenya: Providing help for families displaced by civil unrest

UNICEF and children: Working together for 'A World Fit for Children'

Malawi: Lifting families out of extreme poverty

Families displaced in Kenya [with audio]

Haiti: Partners In Health: Preventing mother-to-child HIV transmission

Niger: National measles campaign targets 2.9 million children

Liberia: Never to late to learn, students say

Iraq: Children share experience through short film

Kenya: One girl’s story: 20-year-old Fatuma reports from post-election conflict

Progress for Children: Community midwives in Pakistan help mothers and babies survive

Grand Strasbourg Christmas tree celebrates the season for all the world’s children

Germany: ‘Photo of the Year’ raises awareness of early marriage

Gambia: Simple measures produce a significant rise in birth registration

A platform for young voices in the run-up to the Guatemalan elections

UN General Assembly plenary closes with renewed commitment to children

Swaziland: In partnership with UNICEF, delegates from Fútbol Club Barcelona visit

UNICEF supports youth participation at climate change conference in Bali

Occupied Palestinian Territory: Education suffers amidst political tension and conflict in Gaza

Bernice’s Digital Diary: A Ghanaian girl’s take on London – Part 2

UNICEF Eminent Advocate for Children visits AIDS projects in São Paulo

Neige's story: Recovering from malnutrition in the Central African Republic

United Sates: More nations commit to 'Paris Principles' on ending the trauma of child soldiers

United States: As UNICEF names spokesperson on child violence, UN report offers signs of hope

'Friends Helping Friends' living with HIV/AIDS in Cambodia

Turkmenistan: Life-skills training turns Turkmen students into pioneers of AIDS awareness

Preventing mother-to-child HIV transmission in Kigamboni, Tanzania

United States: Roger Federer to speak out on World AIDS Day

Improved, child-friendly schools offer girls a better future in Sierra Leone

Mongolia faces challenges keeping 'herder children' in school

ECHO and UNICEF promote Plumpy'nut production to improve child nutrition in Niger

United States: Jordan's Queen Rania issues UNICEF's worldwide call to action to ad Iraqi children

Senegal's Child Survival Days focus on malaria prevention

Kenya training session is a milestone for community-based newborn care in Africa

United States: In a child survival milestone, under-five deaths fall below 10 million per year

After the storm, Bangladesh cyclone survivors struggle through trying times

Partners In Health: Preventing mother-to-child HIV transmission in Haiti

Concert for children performed by new UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador, the Berliner Philharmoniker

Challenges await Burundian refugees expelled from Tanzania

‘Miracle women’ help combat under-five mortality in Nepal

India: ‘Red Ribbon Express’ rides the rails to raise youth AIDS awareness

Somalia: Supporting child’s rights despite challenges [with video]

Where ignorance can be deadly, breaking the cycle of AIDS in Côte d’Ivoire

Immunization drives boost child survival in Zimbabwe [with video]

International Children’s Day of Broadcasting announces 2007 award winners

UN Joint Mission visits cyclone survivors in Bangladesh

Berenice’s Digital Diary: A Ghanaian girl’s take on London

International Year of Sanitation 2008: A plea for dignity and health for all

On CRC anniversary, Ishmael Beah appointed UNICEF Advocate for Children Affected by War

New house, new garden and new chance at a healthy life in Aceh

Ukraine: ‘The Way Home’ works to protect the rights and lives of street children in Odessa

Cyclone in Bangladesh: UNICEF and partners join emergency relief effort

Lao PDR: Nationwide push to eliminate measles

Zimbabwe: Addressing the lack of safe water

Guinea-Bissau: Advocating to end female genital mutilation

Ukraine: UNICEF Ukraine helps re-unite abandoned siblings and encourages family-based care

Mexico: Responding to flood victims’ immediate needs

UNICEF and US Fund host World of Children 10th-anniversary awards

Fiji: Avian influenza workshop series raises awareness in Pacific island countries

Sudan: UNICEF Executive Director ends first visit with sense of optimism

Zambia: Far-reaching measles campaign declared a success

Nigeria: Open dialogues on bird flu prevention

India: Changing attitudes about malnutrition and gender equality

Guinea: UNICEF and partners support local community schools

Child Alert Afghanistan: Martin Bell reports on children caught in war

Sir Roger Moore receives Dag Hammarskjöld Inspiration Award for his work with UNICEF

Centres provide a second chance for education in Guinea

UNICEF report shows gains made in reducing the burden of malaria

‘Machel plus 10’ review says war becoming even more dangerous for children

Women Deliver: Spurring global action on maternal mortality

Southern Sudan: Former child soldiers trade guns for textbooks

Indonesia: New schools in Banda Aceh set new standards

DR Congo: Child combatant recalls the emptiness of army life

Iraq: Children celebrate their return to school

Benin: Angélique Kidjo visits centres for abuse victims

UNICEF and Special Olympics partner in China to raise disability awareness

DR Congo: Helping former soldiers plant seeds for the future

Uganda: Flooding disrupts life for 60,000 households

Leaders at Clinton Global Initiative renew commitments to health and education

Tanzania: Preventing mother-to-child HIV transmission

Ghana: Goodwill Ambassador Marcel Desailly teaches girls about football

Haiti: NBA star Sam Dalembert brings hope

Iraq: Holding back cholera

Afghanistan: International Day of Peace marked with polio vaccination drive

Nepal: Providing vital supplies to vulnerable families displaced by floods

DR Congo: Displaced children especially vulnerable to illness and military re-recruitment

Central African Republic: Temporary schools provide normalcy for children

Benin: Angélique Kidjo raises awareness on child rights in her native country

Mongolia: The challenges of keeping ‘herder children’ in school

Executive board: Child protection strategy reviewed

Russia: Moscow hosts Cities for Children conference and signs on to become child-friendly

‘Goals for Girls!’ campaign kicks off

Guinea-Bissau: Girls balance school, domestic chores – and football

UNICEF Executive Board reviews country programmes that help societies rebuild

UNICEF Executive Board discusses recent emergency response and looks to the future

Nicaragua: In the path of Hurricane Felix

Brazil: Football helps girls put exploitation behind them

Iraq: Afrah’s story: Recovering a childhood lost on the streets of Baghdad

Lebanon: Summer camps help heal the effects of war

Guatemala: A new approach to schooling indigenous children

Indonesia: Bali braced for bird flu

Jamaica: Families in need of aid as Portland Cottage is once again devastated by a hurricane

Peru: After the earthquake

Guatemala: Focus on challenges facing indigenous girls

Hurricane Dean: Jamaica picks up the pieces as Mexico and Belize brace for impact

Jordan: Courses on offer at community centre empower Palestinian women

Peru: Powerful earthquake hits populated urban areas

DPR Korea: Aid to children and families affected by severe floods

India: Mobile medical camps treat children and families displaced by floods in Bihar

Sudan: Suku's story: Go to school

Congo: On track to stop malaria

Niger: UNICEF works with chiefs to promote child survival and girls’ education

Bangladesh : Millions affected by floods face ‘a desperate situation’

India: More aid needed for tens of millions affected by severe monsoon floods

World Breastfeeding Week 2007: An early start on breast milk saves infants’ lives

Bolivia: Child-friendly schools give hope to a young girl

DR Congo: V-Day and UNICEF urge protection for women and girls

Central African Republic: New lives for released former child soldiers

Pakistan: Vaccinations and safe water provided in the aftermath of floods

Malawi: Girls’ rights on the line

Zimbabwe: Norway Cup gives girls a chance to triumph

India: Villages across Gujarat celebrate a massive school enrolment drive

Zimbabwe: UNICEF dramatically increases its outreach for children affected by HIV

Angola: NBA star and Goodwill Ambassador Pau Gasol visits children affected by HIV/AIDS

Afghanistan: Peace One Day ambassador Jude Law’s ‘secret’ mission

Uganda: ‘Empowering Hands’ for survivors of abduction

Southern Sudan: Japan helps rebuild schools in the south

Indonesia: UNICEF Indonesia supports community bird flu prevention programme

Burkina Faso: Clubs help girls stay in school and succeed

Myanmar: Emergency supplies for flood victims

Najma’s ordeal: Surviving the floods in southwest Pakistan

Relief efforts begin to reach flood-affected children and families in Pakistan

Creating child-friendly spaces for Timorese children still displaced by civil unrest

Brazil: UNICEF delivers antiretroviral medicines

Rwanda: Child-friendly schools: A community concern

UN progress report urges new commitment to Millennium Development Goals

Child-friendly journalism gives young people a voice in Iraq

Namibia: First ever synchronized polio campaign

Kenya: A milestone for community-based newborn care in Africa

Burkina Faso: Communities support early education centres

Mauritania: Supporting the repatriation of child camel jockeys

Senegal: Child Survival Days focus on malaria prevention

Uganda: Help for children orphaned by AIDS

Lebanon: Help for children displaced from refugee camp

oPt: Recent violence in Gaza leaves many young people shaken and afraid

Thailand: Art camp for children living with HIV

UNICEF Niger helps child labourers trafficked from other West African countries.

Côte d’Ivoire: Child trafficking: A tragic trend

Cameroon: Better facilities get more girls to school

Yemen: Nutrition emergency threatens young lives

UNICEF Executive Board: Toward a lasting peace in Liberia

Afghanistan: Women teachers recruited and trained

Zambia: Digital Diary: Chinyanta fights for child rights

Learning centres help restore hope for Palestinian adolescents

UNICEF Executive Board: Members review priorities in education

Indonesia: Bird flu prevention kits distributed

UNICEF Executive Board: Annual session reviews results for children

Germany: J8 Summit opens

Morocco: Queen Rania in Morocco

Lebanon: Refugees in the North

Jordan: Documentary workshop for youth journalists

Turkmenistan: Students are pioneers of AIDS awareness

Niger: Dangers of early marriage

Cameroon: Mothers Clubs support education for girls

Iraq: Global aid for children

Occupied Palestinian Territory: Youth in the crossfire

Central African Republic: Negotiating for the demobilization of children caught up in war

Cambodia: ‘Friends Helping Friends’ living with HIV

Niger: ECHO and UNICEF promote Plumpy’nut production to improve child nutrition

Sri Lanka: Children caught in escalating violence

UNICEF and ECHO provide new skills to former child soldiers in Côte d’Ivoire.

Madagascar: Nutrition crisis is a ‘silent emergency’

Accord between UNICEF and Chad raises hopes for children in armed conflict.

Philippines: ‘Days of Peace’ bring relief

Moldova: Children struggle with parents’ migration

Indonesia: New schools in post-tsunami Aceh and Nias

International Year of Sanitation

Cambodia: Poor sanitation triggers health concerns

Georgia: Bird flu awareness for schoolchildren

Nepal: Girls’ education: A letter from Sunita

India: Young beekeeper is a ‘Girl Star’

Immunized in Iraq

Somalia: Violence hinders UNICEF relief efforts

Africa Malaria Day 2007

Madagsacar: Rebuilding cyclone-shattered schools

Indonesia: New health centre offers special maternal care

UNICEF and partners help child domestic workers in Haiti regain their rights.

Signs of peace in Chechnya

Nigeria: ‘Take me to school’

Malaysia: Young football players take on AIDS

Egypt: Hygiene education for women and children aims to prevent human infection.

Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands: Tsunami devastation leaves many vulnerable

Colombia: International Day for Mine Awareness

USA: Historic human rights treaty signed

Afghanistan: Working together to save mother’s lives

Bird flu in Nigeria [with video]

DPR Korea: Millions of children immunized against measles

Micro-loans empower Togolese women and families to break the cycle of poverty. [with video]

Sri Lanka: Aid for thousands displaced by fighting

UNICEF helps train midwives to improve maternal and newborn care in Indonesia

Palestinians cope with water scarcity in Gaza [with video]

Malaysia: Treating mothers, saving children from HIV

United States: World Water Day 2007 [with video]

Madagascar: Cyclone floods displace more families [with audio]

Mamiwhe’s story: Advancing girls’ education for the sake of Liberia’s future

DPR Korea: UNICEF Rep cites challenges and achievements

United States: ‘Radio Rookies’: Youth voices on the air [with audio and video]

Sudan: Hope amid the chaos in Darfur

Kenya: Speaking out against sexual violence

France: Young leaders brainstorm at BioVision Forum

Bosnia and Herzegovina: Breaking the cycle of Roma exclusion

Indonesia: Aid sent to Sumatra quake survivors

Against the odds in Iraq [with audio]

Cricket World Cup: ‘The spirit of cricket’

Madagascar: UNICEF provides aid in areas hit by two cyclones, a tropical storm and floods. [with video]

Mexico: Child migrant workers miss out on school [with video]

Afghanistan: Children voice hopes for the futures [with audio]

Gabon: A 10-year-old boy discovers school

Mozambique after the storm [with video and audio]

USA: Young voices for equality

Ethiopia: Plumpy’nut factory opens

Zimbabwe: Donors support orphans and vulnerable children

Indonesia: Immunization drive for young flood victims

UNICEF at work in Egypt [with video]

Lebanon: Clean water and good hygiene for all

Uganda: Education for children affected by conflict

Iraq: Restoring schools in Iraq [with video]

Burundi: Food crisis takes toll on children [with audio]

Central African Republic: Mia Farrow in Central Africa [with video]

Indonesia: Aid reaches Jakarta flood victims [with video]

Occupied Palestinian Territory: The view from Gaza [with audio]

Educating local media about bird flu

Liberia’s war generation [with video]

Iraq: Protecting vulnerable newborns

Iran: Bam emergency operations wrap up

Thailand: ‘Bird Flu Busters’ [with video]

Sudan: No end in sight for Darfur’s humanitarian crisis [with video & audio]

El Salvador: ‘Mini-reporters’ cover anti-violence drive [with video]

Measles deaths decreased by more than half [with video]

Turkey: A daughter lost to avian influenza [with video]

Executive board: Day 2 focuses on development in Africa [with video]

Viet Nam: Water and hygiene facilities change lives [with video]

Occupied Palestinian Territory: Ensuring education despite violence [with video]

AIDS campaign gains momentum [with video]

Somalia: Impact of conflict on children and families [with audio]

China: UNICEF launches Chinese website [with video]

Indonesia: Helping families cope with flood effects

Gambia: ‘One-stop’ health clinic saves lives [with video]

Iran: Centres boost children’s well-being [with video]

China: A mother’s gift to her family [with video]

United States: ‘Nothing but Nets’ [with video]

Ecuador: PSA urges HIV testing during pregnancy [with video]

Tsunami update: Report on Indian Ocean tsunami recovery [with video]

China: Creating child-friendly schools

Cote d'Ivoire: Better literacy in farming communities

SOWC: Girls’ education in a Djibouti village

Uganda’s lost generation [with video]

Indonesia: Aid for 400,000 displaced by floods [with video]

Gambia: Mothers advocating for girls’ education [with video]

Thailand: Photo project for tsunami children [with video]

Philippines: Typhoon damage puts education at risk [with video]

Central African Republic: Conflict affects 1 million people

UNICEF e-greetings: New and improved [with video]

Nicaragua: opening doors for women

Iraq: A volunteer polio vaccinator tells her story

Southern Africa: UN Special Envoy cites humanitarian concerns

SOWC: Women’s rights, children’s lives

Madagascar regional governor empowers women

Viet Nam: Protecting young women from trafficking

Philippines: Typhoon relief starts reaching buried villages [with audio]

The State of the World's Children: A new life for tsunami widowers in Sri Lanka

Kenya floods bring havoc [with video and audio]

GEM clubs get girls to school in Southern Sudan [with video]

On World AIDS Day, children inspire new partnerships to fight HIV [with video]

Ethiopia / USA: Brooklyn youths help fight AIDS in Ethiopia [with video and audio]

United States: NBA raises HIV awareness

The State of the World’s Children: Women take lead in a Palestinian camp

ICDB: Colombia’s Caracol Radio airs young voices [with video]

Kidjo in northern Uganda [with video]

Serbia: A Roma woman breaks the cycle of poverty

Zimbabwe: Supporting safe havens for girls’ education [with video]

Ethiopia: Youths speak out at Development Forum

East Africa: Floods hit Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia

Senegal: Women speak out [with video]

India: For a young married girl, education is a dream come true

Swaziland: Grandmothers shoulder the burden of AIDS [with video and audio]

China: Early education for children left behind [with video]

Pakistan: Alternatives for Lahore’s street children

Shakira rallies El Salvador [with video]

Tajikistan: Life-skills education gets girls to school [with video]

Occupied Palestinian Territory: Children caught in renewed conflict [with audio]

Timor-Leste: Youth centre paints messages of peace

Madagascar: Leading by example to keep AIDS at bay [with video and audio]

Lebanon launches post-war polio campaign [with video]

Pakistan: Zakia’s story: Education in the quake zone [with video]

Kenya: Polio case reawakens disease fears [with audio]

Education for all, from the start [with video]

Sri Lanka: Food supplies running low in Jaffna

Côte d’Ivoire: Living with HIV [with video]

DPR Korea: Continued donor support is vital [with audio]

Early childhood in Iraq [with video]

Chile: Investing in early childhood development [with audio]

Nigeria: Measles drive to protect millions of children [with video]

Southeastern Europe and CIS: 18 million children in poverty [with video]

World Food Day: Combating child malnutrition worldwide [with video]

Lebanon: After the conflict, back to school [with video]

Georgia: Keeping families together [with video]

Sri Lanka: Aid reaches families displaced by conflict [with video]

UN Study: Violence against children [with video]

Community non-violence workshops protect Palestinian children [with video]

Pakistan, one year later [video]

World Teachers Day: Training teachers in Southern Sudan [with video]

Support for Palestinian children caught in conflict [with video]

Brazil: Improving basic education in Amazônia

A global report card on water and sanitation [with video]

Tajikistan: Children learn about hygiene [with video]

UNICEF Executive Director: Girls’ education vital for developing world [with video]

Lebanon: Water and hygiene aid helps families [with video]

Moldova: Children lead bird flu prevention drive [with video]

Sri Lanka: Displaced children at risk in Jaffna [with audio]

Haiti: Dropping guns for books in Cité Soleil

Middle East teens find common ground – Part 2 [with audio]

World leaders act to reduce child deaths [with video]

UNICEF wins prestigious Asturias Award [with video]

Bolivia: Health insurance slows child mortality [with video]

Lebanon: Children face post-war challenges [with video]

Bangladesh: Reducing arsenic poisoning

Board wraps up second regular session of 2006 [with audio and video]

Pakistan: Child-centred education in the quake zone

Niger: Access to safe water and sanitation [with video]

UNICEF Executive Board: Indigenous and Afro descendents facing exclusion [with video]

The long road back to school in southern Lebanon [with video]

UNICEF Executive Board honours William Sergeant [with video]

Teachers' strike closes schools in Gaza and West Bank [with video and audio]

Gaza and West Bank: Students face challenges as new school year begins [with video]

Malaysia: New programme teaches emergency survival [with video]

Bangladesh: Challenging tradition, empowering girls [with video]

Uganda: A new life after a childhood caught in war

UNICEF issues urgent appeal as Ethiopia flood toll rises

Tennis ace Roger Federer stars in video spot for HIV/AIDS campaign [with video]

Indonesia: HIV/AIDS education comes to Islamic schools [with video]

UNICEF steps up humanitarian aid in southern Lebanon [with audio]

Kenya: Education, awareness fight female genital cutting

Lebanon: A dangerous landscape for children [with video]

Schools shelter families in Gaza [with video]

Kyrgizstan: Communities help students stay in school

Bangladesh: Opening school doors for girls [with video]

Relief for children in southern Lebanon, but danger remains [with video]

Children suffer with no end to violence in Gaza [with video]

Timor-Leste: Back-to-school campaign [with video]

UNICEF warns of unexploded bombs as Lebanese head home [with video]

Middle East youths tell their stories [with audio]

Thousands head home following ceasefire in Lebanon [with video and audio]

AIDS 2006: Time to deliver for children [with video]

Pakistan: Monsoons lead to diarrhoea outbreak

The humanitarian challenge in Lebanon [with video and audio]

Sri Lanka: Aid workers targeted [with audio]

South Africa: New HIV testing method for infants [with video]

Crisis worsens Gaza’s water shortage [with video]

Thailand: Trafficking on Cambodia border

Humanitarian access to Lebanon cut off [with video]

DR Congo: Scars of sexual violence [with video]

Protecting displaced children in Lebanon [with video]

Helping children cope with crisis in Gaza [with video]

Youth in Middle East, in their own words [with audio]

Ethiopia and Kenya: Saving children from diarrhoea

Children paying the price of war [with video]

Returning students crowd schools in Southern Sudan [with video]

Breastfeeding saves lives after earthquake disaster [with audio and video]

Children bearing brunt of crisis in Gaza [with audio]

Kenya: Hope for brothers orphaned by AIDS [with video]

Supplies reach southern Lebanon [with video and audio]

DR Congo: Child Alert highlights child soldiers [with video]

Lebanon aid appeal launched [with video and audio]

Childhood under attack in DR Congo [with video and audio]

Madagascar: Campaign to eliminate tetanus

Indonesia: Aid distributed in Java tsunami zone

UNICEF prepares emergency aid for children caught in deepening Middle East crisis [with video and audio]

UNICEF supplies reach Java tsunami zone

UNICEF and partners respond to escalating crisis in Lebanon and Israel [with video and audio]

Nepal: A boost for access to education

Russia: ‘Junior 8’ delegates meet with President Vladimir Putin [with video and audio]

‘Junior 8’ youth delegates prepare to meet with G8 leaders [with video and audio]

Sri Lanka: 'Zero tolerance' for child sex tourism [with video]

Cambodia: Child-friendly schools give children a boost [with video]

Sudan: Determined to stay in school

Ethiopia: Ending female genital mutilation [with video]

Children are the real winners at FIFA World Cup 2006

Iraq: Football provides relief for youth

West and Central African nations join forces to end child trafficking [with video]

Madagascar: Hygiene-friendly schools

Georgia: Football broadens teen’s horizons

Protecting the rights of China’s migrant children [with video]

Timor-Leste: Displaced children crowd schools

Football helps teen build resilience [with video]

Peru: Child health in an Andean village [with video]

Sudan: 200 children released from army

Schools empty as drought continues in Ethiopia [with video]

FIFA and UNICEF ‘Say No to Racism’

Guatemala: Joint effort on child nutrition

Singing and sports help displaced Timorese children cope in camps [with video]

Angola: Football helps runaway cope [with video and audio]

Côte d’Ivoire: Youth activist demands action [with video]

Gambia: A chance for families living with HIV

The road to safety: Preventing child injury in China [with video and audio]

Colombia: Football helps a boy find peace [with video]

DR Congo: Surviving life on the streets

In another blow to Indonesia, flash floods ravage Sulawesi

Angola: Football stars back immunization

Maldives: Post-tsunami nutrition survey

Ethiopia: Education keeps dreams alive [with video]

Indonesia: Battling tetanus across quake-affected Central Java [with video]

France: Orphan demands action [with video]

Chad: Youth finds a refuge in football [with video and audio]

France: Conference on scaling up AIDS response [with video]

Ethiopia: Education for a better future [with video]

Coping with a legacy of violence in Sierra Leone [with video]

Harm children no more: Why Africa must rediscover Soweto

Liberia’s mothers urged to exclusively breastfeed

Timor-Leste: Immunization drive begins for children displaced by conflict [with video and audio]

Education, water and sanitation at forefront of UNICEF quake relief in Indonesia [with video]

Germany: Team UNICEF scores in opening days

Executive Board: ‘Frank dialogue’ ends session [with video]

UNICEF and FIFA unite for children [with video]

After Java quake, UNICEF expands relief efforts and monitors volcano [with video and audio]

Executive Board: End violence against children [with video]

Haiti: Football helps Ivna cope [with video and audio]

Executive Board: Ending child hunger [with video]

Namibia: Rapid response to polio outbreak [with audio]

Uzbekistan: Tackling iron deficiency

Nepal: Rallying for access to education [with video]

Chad: Helping displaced children survive

Executive Board: Post-crisis strategy [with video]

Executive Board: Funds for crisis response [with video]

UN: Declaration on a stronger AIDS response [with video]

In an Indonesian village, coping with life after the quake [with video]

Team UNICEF: Football brings hope in China [with video and audio]

Myanmar: Children receive vitamin A [with video]

Angola: Clean water slows cholera outbreak

Timor-Leste: Families seek refuge from conflict [with audio]

UNICEF opens first child protection centre in Indonesia quake zone [with video and audio]

UNAIDS reports global progress against HIV [with video]

UNICEF emergency supplies reaching survivors of Indonesia quake [with video and audio]

Thousands reported killed in Indonesia earthquake; UNICEF responds [with audio and video]

Indonesia: Permanent school to open in Aceh

Somalia: the burden on children in drought-stricken area [with video and audio]

Central African Republic: UNICEF tackles child poverty

Team UNICEF takes to the football pitch in a new television campaign [with video]

Ethiopia: Getting children back to school [with video]

Iran: Mobile units register births

Niger: Saving children from undernutrition

Philippines: Mothers set breastfeeding record [with video]

Iran: Living for football [with video and audio]

Horn of Africa: UNICEF urges sustained aid to prevent child deaths [with video]

Latin America and the Caribbean: 'A new way' [with video]

Kenya: Measles vaccine for 5.5 million

Sao Tome: Universal access to ARVs

Kenya: Drought’s impact on pregnant women [with video]

Mauritania: Preventing a nutrition crisis

Botswana: Diarrhoea leads to malnutrition

Sudan: Johann Koss visits camps [with video]

UNICEF ‘report card’ on child nutrition reveals millions dying, calls for action [with video]

To improve child nutrition in India, UNICEF begins with mothers [with video]

Kenya: Angélique Kidjo visits drought areas [with video]

Peru: Candidates ‘Vote for Children’

Twenty years later, the Chernobyl disaster still affects children’s health [with video]

Sudan: 250 child soldiers demobilized

On Africa Malaria Day 2006, prevention and treatment go hand in hand [with video]

Panama: Youth group promotes smart choices [with video]

Nepal: National vitamin A campaign proceeds despite unrest [with video and audio]

Dilver gets off to a good start

Somalia: Despite recent rains, uniquely devastated by drought [with audio]

Liberia launches Girls’ Education National Policy with support from UNICEF [with audio]

‘Thembi’s AIDS Diary’: A year in the life of a South African teenager [with video and audio]

Shakira public-service TV spot highlights effects of HIV/AIDS on education [with video]

Educating Fatna: For a refugee schoolgirl in Chad, a chance to learn [with video]

China’s first AIDS Youth Ambassadors make history at the Great Wall [with video and audio]

Reclaiming childhood: UNICEF and partners protect child labourers in Egypt [with video]

With the Horn of Africa on the brink, need for drought relief grows [with video]

Pakistan: Feeding children in Muzaffarabad

Lessons learned: African countries share experiences with abolition of school fees [with video]

Iran: 36,000 children affected by quake [with audio]

International Day for Mine Awareness: A landmine-free world within reach [with video]

Niger: As the ‘hunger season’ begins, UN nutrition appeal offers hope for the Sahel [with video]

Schools reopen in Bel Air, bringing hope and stability to Haitian children scarred by violence

Children affected by HIV/AIDS meet parliamentarians at Mozambique conference [with video]

Crisis response meets immediate needs of Guinea-Bissau families displaced by conflict

UNICEF Pakistan helps women and children disabled by earthquake injuries

Viet Nam: ‘Hanoi Call to Action’ on HIV/AIDS

Niger: Women’s daily struggle for safe water [with video]

Kenya: Turkana tribes hard hit by drought [video]

Haiti’s children still struggling for survival [with video]

At Asia-Pacific birth registration conference, a pledge to reach every child [video]

Madagascar: Saving undernourished children

Sudan: UNICEF Representative raises awareness

Mexico City: Children to speak out at World Water Forum [video]

Côte d’Ivoire: Final examinations resume

Niger: Struggling to walk again

Art and puppet theatre provide relief for child survivors of Pakistan quake [video]

Indonesia: A permanent child centre in Aceh

Darfur: Schools reopen after attack

UN agency heads call for new commitment to help Africa's Great Lakes region [video]

UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Lucy Liu meets earthquake survivors in Pakistan

Saudi Arabia: Calls to outlaw child trafficking

Mozambique: Uniting through dance

Former child soldiers still at risk as instability continues in Côte d’Ivoire [video]

Mexico: Voters urged to focus on child education

China: HIV/AIDS on the rise among young people

Sudan: UNICEF and ECHO bring water to children [video]

Philippines: Relief arriving for survivors of mudslide tragedy [audio]

Bangladesh: World’s largest measles immunization campaign [video]

Lao PDR: Special care for HIV-positive children [video]

Pakistan quake: Promoting hygiene

Remedial education for young Palestinians

Global Partners Forum pledges action on children and AIDS [video]

Disease outbreak in Southern Sudan

Somalia: Worst drought in a decade [video] [audio]

DR Congo: Pygmies displaced by fighting [video] [audio]

Lao PDR: A ‘magic cricket’ teaches mine safety [video]

UNICEF appeals for $16 million to fund emergency drought relief in the Horn of Africa [video]

Egypt is now polio-free [video]

Humanitarian crisis in eastern DR Congo worsens as fighting continues [video] [audio]

Ethiopia: UNICEF launches drought relief appeal [video]

Sudan: Water pump helps bring peace to village

Public policy: Achieving results for children [video]

Pakistan: Protection centres for quake-affected children

Rwanda: Children speak out to power [video] [audio]

Kenya: Number of malnourished children may have doubled [video]

Executive Board: ‘Positive and productive’ [video]

Executive Board: Donors pledge vital funds [video]

Lesotho: Road show provides entertainment and HIV/AIDS education [video]

Executive Board: New programme strategies to help save lives [video]

Papua New Guinea: Preventing mother-to-child transmission of HIV/AIDS [video]

Executive Director Ann M. Veneman addresses the UNICEF Executive Board [video]

Peru: Healthier children through photography [video]

Meena: Helping children cope with disasters [video]

Starvation grips northern Kenya [video]

Thailand: Living with AIDS at age 12

Mexico: Preventing violence in schools [video]

Pakistan: Water is life for quake-affected children [video]

India: Micro-planning improves children’s lives [video]

Safe play havens for Palestinian children living in conflict zones [video]

Sierra Leone: Schools within distance for children

Mobile cinema in Niger entertains and educates [video]

Egypt: A new approach to street children

Viet Nam: Keeping children in school [video]

DR Congo: Fighting displaces 10,000 people [audio]

Haiti: Grim reality for street children [video]

Pakistan quake: Helping children survive winter [video]

Getting Côte d’Ivoire’s children back to school after three years of conflict [video]

Childhood interrupted in Darfur’s refugee camps [video]

Zimbabwe: Home visits ease burden of HIV

South Africa: Children strengthening their own communities

Pakistan quake: ECHO helps in race against winter [video]

Djibouti: ‘New Hope’ for women with HIV [video]

Nigeria: Measles campaign complete [video]

Abused and neglected, millions of children have become virtually invisible says UNICEF report [video]

UNICEF brings winter clothing to quake-affected children in Pakistan [video]

The impact of AIDS on African families [video]

Botswana: ‘Telling the Story’ of girls’ education

UNICEF Executive Director Ann M. Veneman attends meeting on immunizing more of the world's poorest children [video]

Pakistan quake: Fighting disease and cold weather [audio]

Papua New Guinea: The long road toward juvenile justice

Liberia: 400,000 children receive school supplies [video]

Comoros: Breaking the silence about child abuse

Nepal: Vitamin A distribution saves lives [video]

Botswana: A special report on HIV/AIDS [video]

Pakistan quake: Preventing more deaths [video]

Tsunami anniversary marks a year of emergencies for children [video]

OPT: Play activities helping children [video]

Niger: Food crisis may yet worsen [video]

Iran: Opening up education to girls

Senegal: Ending female genital mutilation [video]

Côte d’Ivoire: Protecting children from conflict [video]

Exclusive breastfeeding saves six million lives annually [video]

Pakistan: France donates to quake relief

Children’s rights treaty celebrates sixteenth birthday [video]

Darfur: Nomads overlooked in conflict

Madagascar: Protecting 1.5 million from malaria [video]

Spreading education and hope in Moldova every day

Jamaica: Gender-fair schools stem boys’ anger

Oman: Sisters live with HIV for 20 years [video]

UNITE FOR CHILDREN UNITE AGAINST AIDS launches in Latin America [audio]

TFYR Macedonia: Mobile educators spread learning [video]

Africa launches mass synchronized immunization campaign [video]

Peru: Education is key to stopping HIV/AIDS [video]

Timor-Leste: Taking pre-emptive action against polio

Saving orphans in Uganda

First Islamic Ministerial Conference on the Child ends with landmark declaration [audio]

Landmark meeting on children of the Islamic world [video]

First Islamic Ministerial Conference on the Child ends with landmark declaration [video]

Child nutrition in Afghanistan: ‘My children are smaller than others’

Darfur: New opportunities for adolescents


Thailand: Personal experience drives ‘youth-to-youth’ HIV educator [video/audio]

Namibia: HIV/AIDS – A young person fights back [video/audio]

UNICEF Executive Director Ann M. Veneman visits quake-devastated region [video]

India: Young volunteer fights stigma to raise awareness of HIV/AIDS [video/audio]

Winning design unveiled in HIV/AIDS Campaign [video]

Niger: Food programme in Zinder region saves lives, but crisis is not over [video]

UNITE FOR CHILDREN UNITE AGAINST AIDS: A day of action [video/audio]

UNITE FOR CHILDREN UNITE AGAINST AIDS: Global Campaign is launched at UN Headquarters [video]



Storms hit Caribbean countries and Mexico [video]

Ireland launches ‘Unite for Children. Unite against AIDS’ Campaign

UNICEF to launch global campaign on children and AIDS [video]

DR Congo: Volunteers battle HIV/AIDS [video]

Sudan: Students and teachers learn about HIV/AIDS prevention [video]

Pakistan: Pop band brings HIV/AIDS prevention message to children [video]

South Asia earthquake: Many children in isolated areas remain in peril [video/audio]

Egypt: New HIV/AIDS centres open [video]

Indonesia: Empowering youth to ‘carry the message’ about HIV/AIDS [video]

Jamaica: Father’s death spurs lifetime commitment to fighting AIDS [video/audio]

Bettering children’s lives devastated by Hurricane Stan [video]

Philippines: Keeping the country polio-free [video]

Kenya: Violence, polio and drought threaten children

South Asia earthquake: Helicopters bring aid to remote areas [video/audio]

South Asia earthquake: Delivering supplies means saving lives

Video interview: What is DevInfo?

Stalled peace process threatens children’s education in northern Côte d’Ivoire

Vaccine is key to preventing outbreaks of Japanese encephalitis

UNICEF and FIFA’s ‘Teenagers Always Win!’ campaign: a success in Peru

Mauritania: Environmental change threatens children

Working for Afghanistan’s children

UNICEF breaks ground in the construction of 300 new schools in Aceh and North Sumatra

Latest edition of ‘Progress for Children’ is a report card on immunization

The next 4 years: UNICEF’s plan of action

Moldova: Growing up without parents

Haiti: A home for an orphaned child

Lao PDR: ‘Immunization is an act of love’

Indonesia: Nine months after the tsunami

Responding to new cases, polio immunization campaign launched in southern Madagascar

Malawi: Severe food crisis looms

One year after Hurricane Jeanne, recovery continues

Serbia: Reaching Roma children with vaccines

Niger: Free check-ups for pregnant women

WASH initiative highlights African women’s needs for improved water and sanitation

Katrina: UNICEF kits helping displaced children

Saving mothers’ and babies’ lives

Ecuador: Telethon brings 'Hope for Children'

Children in need of security and hope

Hurricane Katrina: Impact on children

Southern Sudan: Early marriage threatens girls’ education

Burundi: Free primary education for all children

UN to support Hurricane Katrina relief efforts

Egypt: Japan gives $3.7 million to fight polio

India: Life skills for preventing HIV/AIDS

Beslan: Remembering lost children

UNICEF Executive Director visits China

New moves to help children caught up in armed conflict

1 year after siege, Beslan’s children still need help

Flash flood destroys homes, puts drinking water at risk in North Darfur

Preparing young leaders for tomorrow’s Gaza City

Niger’s neighbours threatened by food crisis

Thailand: Schools under attack

Bangladesh: Camel jockeys coming home

Niger: Food and vaccines saving children’s lives

Japan helps UNICEF eradicate polio in Ethiopia

Niger: Goats for villages help families cope with crisis

Uzbekistan: $2.8 million for fortified flour will help fight iron deficiency

Tanzania: high turnout for integrated life-saving campaign

Niger crisis: Food aid is reaching children

Ethiopia: UNICEF calls for $35.93 million to save children’s lives

India: UNICEF provides mobile medical teams to flood-hit Mumbai

Afghanistan: UNICEF Regional Director’s visit spotlights problems, progress for women and children

Niger food crisis: Providing aid and strengthening communities

Liberia: Breastfeeding Week launched on civil war battlegrounds

Angola: After 30 years of civil war, school reconstruction helps build a bright future

Breastfeeding: The best choice for babies

Occupied Palestinian Territory: UNICEF boosts aid deliveries before Israeli withdrawal

South Asia: Despite strong economy, poverty and poor healthcare are still challenges

Niger: Famine threatens 800,000 children

UNICEF Executive Director Ann M. Veneman says children are key to development

Darfur: Drought adds to the suffering

Mexico: Children to be a top priority in elections

New UNICEF-FIFA alliance promotes youth rights through football

Indonesia: New school year is a time of hope

Uganda: Surviving abduction in civil conflict

Brazil: UNICEF-supported projects open girls’ eyes to gender equality

Zimbabwe: Mass evictions leave thousands of children homeless

Niger: Children and women bearing the brunt of food security crisis

Madagascar: Sisterhood for education

Ethiopia: Urgent appeal for children

Scotland: Young People at C8 children’s summit insist world leaders listen

Viet Nam: Swimming, a vital life skill for children

Pakistan: Stopping a polio outbreak

Madrid: Indigenous children speak out

DPR Korea: Efforts to deliver health packages for malnourished children

Georgia: New haven for street children

Zimbabwe: $1.5m needed to help children and families forcibly evicted in Zimbabwe

Scotland: Tough issues discussed at C8 Children’s Forum

Moldova: children protected from abuse

Scotland: UNICEF’s first-ever C8 Children’s Forum brings together young advocates from around the world

Egypt: Children speak up against violence

Peru: Cold weather deadly for children

Darfur: Children find healing in art

Egypt: Violence against children must end

Gambia: Mothers’ zeal gets girls into school

UNICEF’s first-ever Voices of Youth ‘Make a Difference’ One-Minute Video Contest

Pakistan: Child camel jockeys return home

Burundi: New ECHO and UNICEF supported drug policy prevents child deaths

New ‘SMART’ system expected to save lives in emergencies

Somalia: Tsunami recovery seeks to 'build back better"

Maldives: Healing the scars left by the tsunami

Myanmar: Many still rely on tsunami relief supplies from 6 months ago

Malaysia: Community conversations help healing and recovery

Indonesia: For children, protection and a chance to play

Thailand: Orphaned by the tsunami, 1000 km from the sea

Sri Lanka: Seven siblings reunited

Sri Lanka: Young doctors volunteer for community healing

India: ‘First Captain’ helps tsunami recovery effort

Tsunami recovery effort: ‘They’re going to be there for a long time’

Netherlands: UNICEF natcom turns 50

One million frequent flyer miles for UNICEF

Cameroon: Peer educators help fight HIV/AIDS

Thailand: Regional Consultation on Violence Against Children

Day of the African Child 2005: An opportunity to reflect

Girls are equal to boys in Philippine schools. Or are they?

Madagascar: Massive birth registration campaign

Peru: Hepatitis B threatens an entire culture with extinction

Armenia: Peer education discourages misinformation about HIV/AIDS

7th East Asia and the Pacific Ministerial Consultation on Children

Friday, 10 June 2005: Annual Session closing statements praise staff worldwide

Thursday, 9 June 2005: Executive Board discusses progress and plans for five major programme areas

Youth Orchestra celebrates the world’s children

Wednesday, 8 June 2005: Additional funding proposed for 20 Country Programmes

Maldives: Tsunami offers schools opportunities for change

Senegal: Opening school doors for girls

Tuesday, 7 June 2005: Annual Session day 2 focuses on strategic plan

Cameroon: New approaches save thousands of children from HIV/AIDS

Monday, 6 June 2005: Opening day of the Executive Board Annual Session

Burundi: ECHO and UNICEF tackling sexual violence

Yemen: Nationwide immunization campaign seeks to stop polio outbreak

Sudan: Getting children back to school

Food shortages hit children in Niger

Children among the leaders at Global Forum

Empowering adolescents to help their communities recover from crisis

Malawi: Ann M. Veneman visits women and children affected by HIV/AIDS

The Global Immunization Vision and Strategy (GIVS)

Ann M. Veneman is first UNICEF Executive Director to visit Swaziland

South Africa: UNICEF Executive Director visits Soweto hospital

Darfur: ‘Child-friendly centres’ help bring hope to children

Uganda: Children map a brighter future for schoolgirls

Cambodia: ECHO and UNICEF boosting child survival

India: Young tsunami survivors volunteer at day care centres

Integrated health services for children show ‘remarkable’ results, Veneman tells World Health Assembly

Child rights: Mexico scores 5.71 out of 10, for children 0-5

African immunization campaign strikes back against global polio epidemic

Côte d’Ivoire: Learning peace in war

Iran: Mobile libraries bring Bam's children knowledge and fun

‘But Can They Read’: Monitoring educational quality

Afghanistan: A look at two schools

Sri Lanka: ECHO/UNICEF tsunami partnership continues to save lives

Indonesia: Fighting polio outbreak

Ethiopia: Hunger crisis worsens, 136,000 children severely malnourished

Darfur: Children drop out of school to search for water

UNICEF and WHO launch ‘World Malaria Report’

UNICEF welcomes Ann M. Veneman, new Executive Director

Violence in Colombia uproots children’s lives

Carol Bellamy: “I have no intention of giving up the fight. I will continue.”

Bhutan: School shortage forces pupils to leave home

Carol Bellamy: Important progress for children seen in the last ten years.

Philippines: Picking up the pieces after deadly typhoons

Pakistan: Frontier schools blaze a trail for girls’ education

‘Unite Against Malaria’ – Africa Malaria Day 2005

UNICEF sponsors global conference on children and poverty

Sri Lanka: Building hope in the aftermath of tragedy

Pakistan: Breaking the silence around HIV/AIDS

Maldives: Building new homes for the displaced

Darfur: The story of a malnourished toddler

Madagascar: ‘Big sisters’ pledge to help peers

Progress for Children: UNICEF reports on the state of girls' education

Niger: Traditional Chiefs encourage girls to go to school

Sri Lanka: Emergency classrooms aid recovery

Senegal: Big gains through girls’ education

oPt: Arab students chat about violence

Somalia: A girl's dream comes true

DR Congo: Kits for kids

Ecuador: Taking measures against child labour

50th Anniversary of the Salk polio vaccine

Côte d’Ivoire: Second round of massive polio drive

DR Congo: A former child soldier speaks out

India: Girls demand equal access to education

HIV/AIDS: Child drugs cost slashed

Africa: Polio campaign at critical stage

Brazil: Reaching impoverished children

Niger: Critical food shortages ahead

Darfur: Situation could deteriorate

Business strategists needed to improve healthcare in developing countries

Learning lessons from tsunami response

Communities unite around education in Somalia

Parliamentarians meeting: Child protection a major issue

Banda Aceh: School principal looks to future

Sri Lanka: Play helps children recover from disaster

Dubai: Renewed commitment needed to help countries in crisis

Denmark: UNICEF’s official song “Children First” premieres in Copenhagen

India: Empowering girls through education

Emergency treatment for hundreds injured in Indonesia quake

Philippines: UNICEF urges lawmakers to use power to protect children

DR Congo: Cholera cases surge in crowded camps

Haiti: Psychological support for Haiti's children

Uruguay: Football superstar signs up with UNICEF

Iraq: Children still committed to education despite ongoing violence

Indonesia: Aid dispatched to earthquake victims

DR Congo: Former child soldiers reclaim their lost childhood

Sumatra: Massive earthquake strikes

Ninety days after the tsunami: UNICEF aims to ‘build back better’

Maldives: ‘After The Big Wave’ - Exhibition of children’s art

Bold ideas to aid Africa

Trinidad: Caribbean youth speak out on violence

Indigenous women from Latin America speak out

Senegal: African music shines spotlight on malaria

Nigeria: Officials rescue more than 100 children from child traffickers

DR Congo: Dramatic rise in child mortality

UNICEF and WHO join forces to ensure proper vaccine management

World falling short on promises to women and girls

Ukraine: Poor mothers abandoning babies

Darfur: Averting famine

International Women’s Day 2005

International Women's Day: Celebrating the rights of women and girls around the world

Saving 3 million newborn babies each year

Darfur: School enrolment doubles despite crisis

Measles deaths plummet

Russia: Coping with the aftermath of tragedy in Beslan

Côte d'Ivoire: Civil unrest has been an ally in the rise of polio

Sri Lanka: Caring for children growing up alone after the tsunami

India: Polio vaccine reaches disadvantaged in Uttar Pradesh

Innocenti: child poverty on the rise in wealthy nations

UNICEF urges world to stop sexual violence against girls and women

DR Congo: Life-saving immunization drive launches

Enough silence! Stop violence against children!

ECHO and UNICEF working together to improve hygiene following tsunami

Africa: Polio drive seeks to vaccinate 100 million children

Iran: Relief efforts continue for survivors of quake

UNICEF urges UN to protect children in war

48 million 'lost children': Desmond Tutu helps launch campaign for Universal Birth Registration

Thailand: Games and role-play teach Thai children about HIV/AIDS

Iran: UNICEF responds quickly to strong earthquake in Iran

Venezuela: Hundreds of thousands of children affected by floods

Zimbabwe: Giving hope to children orphaned by AIDS

Sri Lanka: UNICEF helps "Baby 81" reunite with parents

UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Youssou N'Dour wins Grammy Award

DR Congo: Aid workers fear for those still running from militia groups

UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Youssou N'Dour wins Grammy Award

DR Congo: Thousands flee upsurge in violence

Darfur: A violent legacy of conflict

Andorra helps UNICEF accelerate girls' education in Eritrea

Maldives: Grave challenges ahead

DR Congo: Massive relief effort underway as 80,000 people forced to flee

Indonesia: Malnutrition and disease threaten Aceh’s ‘Tsunami Generation’

Sri Lanka: Education and play help children leave the tsunami behind

Zero tolerance for female genital mutilation

Somalia: Somali school children get a boost from Europe

Iraq: Supplying 2 million litres of water each day

Chad: Darfur refugees fuel tension

Côte d'Ivoire: Peace call from the new representative

Indonesia: Back to school in Banda Aceh

Guyana: Children in danger as rainstorms flood

Educating girls through important new initiatives

India: Clean water and improved sanitation for a school in Tamil Nadu

Malaysia: Casualties fewer, but major reconstruction still needed

International response “terrific” but many needs remain urgent

Indonesia: Disease threat in Banda Aceh

Wednesday, 19 January 2005: India seeks continued progress in fight against child mortality

Wednesday, 19 January 2005: Carol Bellamy praises Executive Board for support and leadership

Indonesia: Child centres help separated children rejoin their parents

Tuesday, 18 January 2005: New Executive Board President says countries must fulfil relief commitments

Tuesday, 18 January 2005: Immunization strategy

Thailand: Restoring children’s lives

Tsunami highlights 'forgotten emergency'

Tsunami dominates the opening session of the UNICEF Executive Board

Maldives: Helping children return to normalcy

Thailand: Children going back to school

Myanmar: Helping families get back on their feet

Children in remote fishing villages get help

UNICEF provides clean drinking water for 200 relief camps

Centres to protect children from abuse, exploitation

Protecting the Tsunami Generation from disease

Vaccination campaign focuses on tackling social resistance to vaccine

More devastation revealed in Indonesia as UNICEF aid reaches children

Media chief Alfred Ironside with Carol Bellamy in Sri Lanka

Bellamy gets a first-hand look at the plight of the children

India: UNICEF supplies water to parched relief camps




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