3 May 2010 - Zambian youth delegates confront climate crisis

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Zambia's natural environment is rapidly deteriorating. It is the second most deforested country on the plant in recent months suffered a series of terrible floods.

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Production date: April 26-29, 2010

Duration: 3:57

Keywords: UNICEF, children, climate change, Zambia, droughts, floods, deforestation

Main shooting locations: Lusaka, Zambia

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The effects of climate change are already causing havoc across Africa, with successive droughts throughout the Continent leading to crop failure and starvation, while flooding has killed many and left many more homeless.

While rich nations continue to debate responsibility, poorer nations suffer. But poorer nations are not helpless and they are not idle, and nowhere is this more clear than in Zambia. This week saw the world’s first national children’s conference on climate change, since the CCF, the Copenhagen Climate Forum, took place in the country’s capital, Lusaka. The conference, which was attended by almost 200 children from all 9 provinces of Zambia, was supported by UNICEF and Government, but organized by Zambia’s youth delegates to Copenhagen, who returned to their country determined to make a difference.


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