2 December 2009 - Political violence and unrest in Madagascar impacts children the most

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Psychosocial support helps students in Madagascar to express themselves while confronting and healing from the effects of political crisis.

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Production date: 1 december 2009

Duration: 3:35

Keywords: UNICEF, children, violence, political, trauma, child-friendly spaces, Madagascar

Main shooting locations: Antananarivo, Madagascar

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Since January, the Indian Ocean island of Madagascar has been a country in crisis.  The unconstitutional change in Government and its subsequent international isolation has deepened poverty and had a devastating impact on the lives of the countries’ children and young people.

In order to better understand what they had experienced, UNICEF and its partners conducted a study of 12,800 youth and children from all over capital which sought to capture their experiences and perceptions.   The results indicate that all were affected in one way or another – either they committed suffered or witnessed violence and abuse. 


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