27 July 2009 - UNICEF alleviates effects of drought in southern Madagascar

Tape#: 8418
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At the health centre in southern Madagascar, a small child’s arm is measured to see if he is undernourished.

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Production date: 13-15 July 2009

Duration: 3:06

Keywords: UNICEF, children, Madagascar, drought, malnutrition, climate change

Main shooting locations: South Madagascar

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As world attention shifts towards environmental issues, a quiet crisis, caused by climate change is playing itself out on the island of Madagascar. The south of the country has always been dry, but biannual rains meant farmers here could plant and harvest their crops twice a year, enough to see them and their families through the lean seasons. But for the last two years those rains have failed, once mighty rivers have run dry and crops have died. People here, especially children, have begun to starve.


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