23 March 2009 - UNICEF-supported Imbuto Foundation rewards academic excellence

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© UNICEF Rwanda/2009/Uher

Henriette Muangampundu, 18, received a computer as her award for academic excellence at this year’s Imbuto Foundation Awards, in Kigali, Rwanda.

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Production date: 18 March 2009

Duration: 1:57

Keywords: UNICEF, children, Rwanda, girls’ education, Jeannette Kagame

Main shooting locations: Kigali, Rwanda

Main sequences: This year, 376 primary school girls, and 40 senior school girls received awards from the UNICEF-supported Imbuto Foundation, which rewards girls for their academic excellence. The First Lady of Rwanda Jeannette Kagame, founder of the Imbuto Foundation presented awards to students at Groupe Scolaire Notre Dame du Bon Conseil in the Gicumbi district. 

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