7 August 2008 - UNICEF encourages exclusive breast-feeding in Tajikistan

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A mother brings her baby for a checkup at a baby-friendly hospital in Tajikistan. She is exclusively breastfeeding her daughter for the first six months.

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Production date: 9 July 2008

Duration: 2:39

Keywords: UNICEF, children, Tajikistan, breastfeeding, infant health

Main shooting locations: Dushanbe, Tajikistan

Main sequences: Barno Salihova is bringing her three-month old daughter for a check up at a clinic in Dushanbe. Doctors report little Aziza is doing well.

Ms. Salihova has decided to raise Aziza differently than her two older daughters; she is exclusively breastfeeding Aziza for her first months of life. It is a critical nutritional advantage, especially in a country where recent winters have been unusually harsh, taking a toll on children. 

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