30 May 2007 - Habiba’s story shows dangers of early marriage in Niger

Tape#: JN7102
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Habiba, 17, lives in social isolation in southern Niger’s Tibiri region.

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Production date: 5 May 2007

Duration: 2:53

Keywords: UNICEF, children, girls education, early marriage, fistula, Niger

Main shooting locations: Tibiri, Niger

Main sequences: Habiba was married off at age 14 in southern Niger and became pregnant a year later. A botched caesarean ripped her small uterus, allowing continuous leakage of urine and faeces into the vagina – a condition known as a fistula, which is prevalent among girls who give birth too young. UNICEF and its partners support restorative surgery to end the social isolation endured by girls like Habiba. 

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