5 February 2007 - UNICEF: Liberating Liberia’s war generation

Tape#: JN 6907
video b-roll still
© UNICEF video

Sunny (right), 20, a former child combatant, greets friends in Liberia’s capital, Monrovia.

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Production date: 29 January to 2 February

Duration: 4:49

Keywords: UNICEF, children, Liberia, child soldiers, ECO, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, war, child protection

Main shooting locations: Monrovia, Ganta, Tappita, Liberia

Main sequences: Sunny, 20, fought twice in Liberia’s civil war – first when he was 12, then when he was 17. With the help of a UNICEF-supported project run by the Sustainable Development Promoters in Ganta, Sunny was enrolled in a programme where he learnt a variety of skills but specialized in agriculture. Today, instead of carrying weapons, Sunny is planting seeds and hoeing the land. 

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