23 August 2006 - Unexploded ordnance remains threat to safety of children in Lebanon

Tape#: JN 6492
video b-roll still
© UNICEF/HQ06-1172/Debbas

48 hours after the cease-fire, a child sits next to an unexploded cluster bomblet in Yohmor, southern Lebanon.

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Production date: 19-20 August, 2006

Duration: 2:27

Keywords: UNICEF, children, unexploded ordnance, cluster bombs, Lebanon

Main shooting locations: Ait al Shaab, Lebanon

Main sequences: Within the first week of the ceasefire in Lebanon, bomb disposal teams found thousands of unexploded cluster bombs in over fifty locations. In response, UNICEF and its partners have produced posters and leaflets along with radio and television advertisements, warning against touching any unexploded munitions. 

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