23 June 2006 - Preventing child injury in China

Tape#: JN 6280500
video b-roll still
© UNICEF China/2006/Pang Xinglei

At a kindergarten in Beijing, traffic police played by children gives a speeding driver a ticket.

(Real format)

Production date: 30 May 2006

Duration: 10:20

Keywords: UNICEF, children, China, injury, safe, safety, Beijing, fire, accident, traffic, police

Main shooting locations: Beijing, China

Main sequences: According to a recent UNICEF survey, serious injuries have become a leading cause of disability and death among China’s children. Since 2004, the Beijing Working Committee for Women and Children, in collaboration with UNICEF, has started a pilot project called ‘Safe Beijing’. Carried out in two districts – one urban and one rural – the project is focused on establishing models of ‘Safe Home’, ‘Safe School’ and ‘Safe Community’. 

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