10 June 2006 - Youth finds an outlet in football at a Chad refugee camp

Tape#: JN 6224
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© UNICEF/Chad/Matthews

Before both of his parents were killed in a coup d’etat, Mahamat Ali had dreams to be a professional footballer.

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Production date: 6 April, 2006

Duration: 8:33

Keywords: UNICEF, Chad, Football, Soccer, Sports, FIFA, World Cup

Main shooting locations: Amboko Camp, Chad

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Found living under a stand of trees in Chad by the UN refugee agency after fleeing the Central African Republic (CAR), Mahamat Ali was brought to the Amboko camp and reunited with his uncle. Both of Mahamat’s parents were killed in a coup d’etat in the CAR. He is happy to be back in good company and in a place where he can continue to play football and learn.

UNICEF and FIFA, the international football federation, have teamed up for the 2006 FIFA World Cup to ensure every child's right to a peaceful world.


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