28 March 2006 - UN appeals for $92 million to head off nutrition crisis in Africa’s Sahel region

Tape#: JN6136
video b-roll still
© UNICEF/HQ05-1039/Chalasani

A severely malnourished child is spoon-fed at the UNICEF-assisted therapeutic feeding centre in the town of Maradi in Niger.

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Production date: 19-21 March, 2006

Duration: 4:18

Keywords: UNICEF, children, Niger, Malnutrition, Sahel

Main shooting locations: Maradi, Niger / Tillaberi, Niger

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The ‘hunger season’ is beginning in West Africa’s vast, parched Sahel region – and it is starting to show in the faces of infants. In a bid to avoid a repeat of the 2005 nutrition crisis, the United Nations is launching a funding appeal for approximately $92 million to cover the food and nutrition needs of Sahelian countries this year.


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