18 January 2006 - Roadshow for HIV/AIDS prevention in Lesotho

Tape#: JN6033500
© UNICEF Lesotho/2005/ McKenzie

The road show stops in Qachas Neck, Lesotho.

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Production date: 8-9 December 2005

Duration: 4:10

Keywords: UNICEF, HIV/AIDS, children, orphans, young people

Main shooting locations: Qachas Neck, Lesotho.

Main sequences: As the HIV/AIDS pandemic tightens its grip on Lesotho, young people are joining to fight back. Their weapon: a road show that combines entertainment with education to provide basic knowledge about HIV/AIDS which young people can use to protect themselves. The road show, supported by UNICEF and the government of Lesotho, engages youth through poetry, drama, dance and games. It also provides young people with access to counsellors and HIV testing. 

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