19 January 2005 - Malnutrition threatens Aceh’s ‘Tsunami Generation’

Tape#: JN5051
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A young girl refuses to eat her noodles

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Production date: 17, 18 and 25 January 2005

Duration: 9:31

Keywords: UNICEF, United Nations Children’s Fund, children, health, measels, malaria, Aceh, malnutrition, Indonesia

Main shooting locations: Banda Aceh, Indonesia

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One in eight children in tsunami-affected areas of Indonesia is suffering from acute malnutrition, according to a rapid nutrition assessment conducted by UNICEF.

Diarrhoea, fever and coughing are also widespread among children and women in emergency relief camps across Aceh province. Health workers say clean water and sanitation, immunization against diseases such as measles, and supplemental feeding are urgently needed.


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