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Norway donates tons of high-protein biscuits to Angola

Luanda, Angola - 28 June 2002 - The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs airlifted a total of 70.56 metric tons of BP-5 high protein biscuits to Luanda, Angola, on 26-27 June. This tonnage complements Norway's recent donation in kind of 108 metric tons of BP-5 high protein biscuits that arrived on 19 June in the Port of Luanda.

This total of 178.56 metric tons of high protein supplementary food will support the ongoing efforts of the Government of Angola and its partners to address the current nutritional crisis in Angola that threatens the lives of thousands of malnourished children and women. This will be achieved through the delivery and administration of high protein biscuits at supplementary feeding centers across Angola. The high protein biscuits will benefit thousands of malnourished children and women including those in newly accessible areas, as well as in newly established quartering & family areas.

The Angolan Ministry of Health, through it's National Nutrition Programme, is leading nation-wide efforts to reduce malnutrition rates in Angola. "This contribution will help to improve the health and save the lives of thousands children and women suffering from moderate malnutrition", says Dr Paulina Semedo, Angola's National Nutrition Programme Coordinator. "The high protein biscuits will be distributed to supplementary feeding centers operating throughout Angola to improve the nutritional status of moderately malnourished children, as well as moderately malnourished pregnant women and lactating mothers."

"The Norwegian Government continues to support the Angolan Government as it addresses the urgent nutrition needs of significant numbers of malnourished children and women", says Bjorg Leite, Norwegian Ambassador to Angola. "We will continue to support the Angolan Government and its partners in these, and other, humanitarian interventions."

"A focus on supplementary feeding, of which high protein biscuits are an important element, is a critical intervention in saving the lives of malnourished Angolan children and women", says Mario Ferrari, UNICEF Angola Representative. "Supplementary feeding not only improves the health of moderately malnourished children, but also prevents the development of severe malnutrition which can result in a high risk of child and maternal mortality."

Since the signing of a cease-fire in Angola on 4 April 2002, large displaced populations in vast, previously inaccessible areas of Angola can now be reached by the humanitarian community. Recent assessments reveal an alarming nutritional situation in which children, pregnant women and lactating mothers are particularly vulnerable. An estimated 70,000 children in Angola urgently require supplementary and therapeutic feeding for their very survival. The Norwegian donation will greatly help to improve the nutrition and health status of these Angolan children and women.

The Angolan Ministry of Health's efforts are supported by various partners including WFP, Action Against Hunger, Save the Children-UK, the MSF-family, Catholic Relief Services, Goal, Concern and CUAMM.

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